26 Shopify Grocery Store Templates

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Key Features of Shopify Grocery Store Themes

Explore our website templates if you want to run an eCommerce business. The collection of e-shop themes includes various ready-to-use solutions for e-commerce businesses. Moreover, the Shopify grocery store themes equipped with a significant amount of useful features that will help you to run an online business effectively. These themes are perfect for a local farm website, online products supplement store, restaurants, etc.

Fresh Design and Fully Responsive Layout

The visual appeal of Shopify grocery store themes corresponds to the product store niche. All shopify themes for large inventory built by using bright colors and captivating images. Professional shots of fresh products motivate users to order some. When a user hovers over images, the slideshow with other product images starts. The sideshow supplemented with captivating transition effects.

Moreover, the design of all themes is fully responsive and looks great on both mobile and desktop devices. The system rearranges the layout if there is not enough space to display a website correctly. Moreover, the system updates the size of images when using mobile devices to reduce the size of uploaded data. It will increase the loading speed on mobile devices. This feature is beneficial since there are a lot of product images on Shopify grocery store themes.

Top 5 Best Selling Shopify General Store Themes

Template Name Sales Price
Spice Shop Responsive Shopify Theme 17 $139
Asian Cuisine Products Shopify Theme 25 $139
Big Box - Wholesale Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme 13 $139
Dexitex - Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme 11 $139
Ms.Candy - Delicious Sweets & Candies Online Store Shopify Theme 8 $139

Full-Screen Promotion Banners

Promote featured products and inform website visitors about new arrivals with the help of full-width promotion banners. The backend system adjusts the size of promo banners according to the dimension of a device. Hence, the system will display promo banners full-screen on all devices. Moreover, you can create a slideshow of promotion banners on your site, and supplement the banners with on-click actions. For instance, you can link the banners with particular pages on your site. Consequently, the system will redirect website users to a particular page upon a click.

Products Listing and Categories

There is an advanced product listing in Shopify grocery store website templates available by default. The product listing locates on the home page and implies a grid with products. Each product card on Shopify startup themes implies a centered product photo, name, and price tag. Additionally, you can add the buy button that allows purchasing a particular product in one click.

Product Variations

In case, one product can have different variations, the backend system by Shopify provides the ability to set up custom variations for each product in the admin panel. These variations will be displayed on the product page simultaneously. Hence, your website users will receive the opportunity to select a particular type of product, set up the quantity, and add an order to the cart. For instance, a buyer can navigate to the fresh vegetable section, select a particular product on your site, choose the sort of this product, set the quantity and purchase it with no effort.

Online Payments and Shipping

Shopify grocery store templates equipped with the far-reaching system that allows accepting online payments quickly and easily. The leading-edge functionality of the admin panel allows you to manage sales and payments easily. Moreover, the system will calculate taxes and shipping rates by itself. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a notification. After this, the system will remove the purchased product from the inventory. Furthermore, you can configure the system to notify you if a particular product is out of stock. Let's check the top 5 newest general store Shopify themes.

  • Organic World Sectioned Shopify Theme
  • Dexitex - Convenient Grocery Online Store Shopify Theme
  • GROCEE - Food Store Multipage Clean Shopify Theme
  • Red Sun - Grocery Store Clean Shopify Theme
  • China Town - Sushi Restaraunt Shopify Theme

Far-Reaching Backend System

The backend interface of Shopify themes is one of the main key features. It allows you to manage your business like a pro without editing even a line of code. The advanced backend interface helps to make all business processes automated. The Shopify company created a lot of tools that help to make your business growing fast with minimum expenses. Here are the following tools available by default:

  • Transactions manger
  • Mobile application
  • Business calculators
  • Drag and Drop editor

Easy to Use Admin Panel

To update the default content, create new pages and add new products on your website, there are no particular skills or third-party software required. The inbuilt admin panel allows you to manage Shopify bookstore themes from any location. The drag and drop interface provides the ability to implement any changes without editing even a line of code.

Using Shopify startup themes is an excellent way to start on online site if you zero coding skills. Each Shopify theme startup is a ready-to-run website with pre-built multipage design and default content. Grab a theme from our collection and launch your website within a few days even if you have a lack of technical skills.

Leading Edge Tutorials on How to Use Shopify Grocery Store

In case you aren't satisfied with the default layout of your website and want to improve it, follow this guide about Shopify online store theme customization. Use the practices from this guide and update the design of your website significantly.

Step-by-Step Guide About Shopify Theme Customization

In case you need more thorough customization and want to change the number of columns on collection pages follow our video instruction with all the milestones of this process.