Sewing Store OpenCart Template
The theme is a great option for sewing stores. Circular logo with handwritten text and decorative stitches is very memorable. Slider features the available assortment of sewing supplies....
Sales: 28
Support: 4.2/5
Decorative Candles OpenCart Template
This handmade OpenCart template provides a pleasant visual experience thanks to its warm, tender palette and clutter-free layout. The latter is largely provided by means of dropdowns such as cart,...
Sales: 39
Support: 4.2/5
Sewing  Knitting OpenCart Template
Online shopping took over the world. If you are looking for a handy theme to build your ecommerce site with, here is a clean and neat design that will fit shops of any kind. Making use of the full...
Sales: 20
Support: 4.2/5
Yarn Online Store OpenCart Template
This hobby Shop OpenCart template is a brilliant option for a yarn store with a strong emphasis on typography . Those huge headings are cool and really catch the eye. Main menu is placed at the...
Sales: 9
Support: 4.2/5
Laksh - Flower OpenCart Template
Laksh is a modern, stylish and fully responsive Opencart theme, that is going to become the best solution for your online flower, rose, gift, candle, accessories, fashion, apparel and multipurpose...
Sales: 3
Support: 4.6/5
Ignite - Candle OpenCart Template
Ignite is a modern, stylish and fully responsive OpenCart template, that is going to become the best solution for stores like candles, lighting, decor, crafts, homemade, candle shop, candle store,...
Sales: 2
Support: 4.6/5

Best Hobbies Crafts OpenCart Themes for Your Online Store

The choice for the sites that offer home décor products is huge. That’s why it is so important that yours stands out from the pack. The trick is to build one if you’re non-technically minded. Yet, don’t dampen your spirit; we’ve got you covered. The best Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart themes will make your time be best spent.

Your website should crackle from the moment it is opened, highlighting your company’s creativity and the confidence you have in your products in the process. When you’re just getting started, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The good news is that you’re not alone. Get your hands on the best OpenCart templates for home decor websites and find your favorite one.

Speed, reliability, and clean design are key components for a great theme. And there’s at least one option that will suit all of your needs. Since selling Hobbies & Crafts products can be lucrative, there’s the time involved in the workflow. Premium OpenCart themes you find here offer you to speed up your journey while skipping the tricky issues that make your head spin. So, let’s check those premium options that are enough to give you a much-needed head start.

The Features You Get with Handmade & DIY OpenCart Themes

So, do you want a robust and efficient template that offers everything your business and customers want on a website? Then check out the benefits of the best Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart themes today and give your website the extra spark it needs to succeed.

  • The Online Store

    The key to running a great eCommerce site is to ensure the store itself is easy to navigate and completely secure. The former ensures customers can find the products they want, while the latter means they feel safe when purchasing from you. These hobbies store OpenCart templates follow the best security and quality practices. That means you and your customers can trust the online store that comes with each theme.

  • Valid Semantic Coding

    Clean and efficient coding may not seem all that important at first. After all, a website with poor coding has no chance of success. However, as your site grows, you need the code to be as efficient as possible. If it isn't, your customers will experience a slowdown, and the site becomes increasingly inaccessible. So, expect your OpenCart theme to have valid semantic coding.

  • Social Media Integration

    Your customers shouldn't have to wade through a buffet of options just to share your content over social media. In fact, as a business, you should make the process as easy as possible for them. After all, each share means more eyes on the product, which leads to even more customers. Each of these themes has "liking", "sharing" and a range of other social media functionalities built-in. That makes it easy for people to talk about your site online and share your amazing products.

  • SEO-Friendliness

    Every modern website needs to be built with search engine guidelines in mind. Any that don't risk falling behind the rest of the pack and losing customers to their competitors. Built with SEO in mind, those premium options won't limit you. We know what you want - to be easily found in search engines and stay at the top of the results.

  • 100% Responsive Design

    The majority of your site's visitors will likely view your products using mobile devices. This trend is only set to continue as time goes on. However, many will still use laptops and desktops to check your products, too. That means your theme needs to be built using responsive design principles. Each of these templates works on any device or browser.

Who Can Use Hobbies Crafts OpenCart Themes?

Deciding on your Hobbies & Crafts theme can be challenging. We offer you to go another way to save you from that misery. Premium Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart themes featured here can work for various projects. Although they are perfect for hobby & crafts shops, they can work for others. That means that you can start any eCommerce web project even if you have never got your fingers wet in web design. How can that be? Well, that’s where the power of the OpenCart platform comes to the rescue.

Building a website starts with the perfect template made specifically for your business needs. Often when starting, there’s no accurate vision of how you want your website to look or feel. And that’s where premium website templates can save time. You get a ready-made option that includes everything you might need to get your project off the ground. Beautiful images, premium plugins, inbuilt SEO features, and other goodies often come bundled in each solution. Sure, that’s only the beginning, and the list of benefits has no end in sight. The best part is that you can customize everything that you get without calling in for pros. And what’s more, building a website is not a one-day battle, so get ready to change your mind as you see the results.

eCommerce Website Creation with Handmade & DIY OpenCart Templates: Tips and Tricks

But what should you put on your craft's website? What should you do with your website to make it interesting for clients who land on it? And that is what we’re going to tell you.

  • It has to be modern, fast, and mobile-first to engage people to stay on your website for longer;
  • Add a pop-up on your site inviting people to join your Hobbies & Crafts website for a special discount or promotion;
  • Make it super easy for your users to find your contact details and location;
  • Make sure your CTAs are clean and help your visitors go where you want them to go;
  • Invest in high-quality images and photos showing your products, stuff, and real clients instead;
  • Place your client reviews and testimonials front and center on your website to build trust with your users;
  • Take care of the visual appearance of your website, skipping walls of texts and cluttered layouts;
  • Add a portfolio on your hobby's website to provide your audience with an idea of your brand and the services you offer;
  • Be accessible for bookings or communication 24/7; that’s what people expect from you today.

Hobbies Crafts OpenCart Themes FAQ

How Many Pages Do Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart Themes Have?

Most website templates you find on the TemplateMonster marketplace have a five-page foundation. Those are a home page, about us page, services, blog, and contacts. The number of pages varies depending on the type of website you want to build. For eCommerce sites, the number is sure to be bigger. In turn, a blog tends to have fewer pages.

Do You Follow the Best SEO Practices When Building Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart Themes?

Search engine optimization is the key for modern websites. That is one of the basic rules we follow when creating templates. SEO strategy is very important, so we try to do our best to help your future website stay relevant and popular in search engines.

Are Your Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart Themes Responsive?

In a word: yes. You can expect your website layout to adjust depending on the device screen size it’s displayed on. If you’re unsure about the template you pick, contact us to help.

Do You Offer Services for Hobbies & Crafts OpenCart Themes Other than Web Design?

If you want a certain service to be done, we provide you with options. You can visit our service center page and check how much we can help you.

Best eCommerce Design Trends for Hobbies Crafts OpenCart Store Themes

Want to build a perfect online shop with Handmade & DIY OpenCart themes? Watch the video with trendy tips and use them for hobby & crafts shops projects. Stay up-to-date with TemplateMonster!