6 Holidays, Gifts, and Flowers Virtuemart Templates for Joomla Stores

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Flowers VirtueMart Template
This flowers store template looks very eye-candy. Beautiful photos of flower shop VirtueMart template feast the visitor's eye. Promo banners are placed above the slider, right under the main menu which is rather uncommon. Featured products are arranged in four columns . They are supplied with 'Sale' and 'New' stickers. 'Add to cart' and 'Details' buttons appear on hovering the item image. Social media block, newsletter subscription form and additional links are placed in the footer. Built in Google map is also available for customers' convenience.
Sales: 23
Last updated: 21.07.15
Gift Shop VirtueMart Template
Choose this design and your customers will understand that giving presents can be even more pleasant than getting the ones. Delicate pastel color scheme relaxes the buyers and let them stay in your store as long as required to pick out the best present. Both menus on top of the page have drop down options which lets you keep the page clean. Some design elements are decorated with nice patterns.
Sales: 7
Last updated: 21.03.13
Fresh Flowers VirtueMart Template
Flowers bring so much joy either to people who present them or to the ones who get the bouquets. It seems as if all this pleasure is reflected in our lovable template. Pink colors and various fresh buds are so charming that it is impossible to take the eyes away from them. Logo design is irresistibly beautiful, it uses handwritten font and an image of a royal lily.
Sales: 6
Last updated: 20.06.13
Gifts Shop VirtueMart Template
Make your business presence felt on the web with the help of this Gifts Store VirtueMart Template. Featuring multiple handy options, it can be safely utilized for creating a fully functional e-commerce website. You can develop your one of a kind website by picking from multiple font and color variations, as well as texture designs. Live search, dropdown menu, dropdown cart, categories accordion, easy to use registration, contact and login forms have been added for enhanced shopping experience. Designed with valid HTML5 and CSS3, the theme ensures optimal performance on all browsers. Those users who enjoy mobile shopping will appreciate the fully responsive layout.
Sales: 37
Last updated: 27.01.15

5 Best Holidays, Gifts, and Flowers Virtuemart Templates for Joomla Stores 2022

Template Name Downloads Price
Christmas VirtueMart Template 7 $139
Flower Shop VirtueMart Template 7 $139
Flowers VirtueMart Template 23 $139
Gifts Shop VirtueMart Template 37 $139
Fresh Flowers VirtueMart Template 6 $139

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