A Letter for Christmas - Stock Music
‘A Letter for Christmas’ is a festive royalty free music track. It’s a perfect track for any project that needs to give off a positive, happy, joyful and playful vibe. The melody is very...
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Corporate Inspiring Feelings
Positive, inspiring motivational track for commercial, business, promotional presentation videos. Suitable for any positive project. Includes live recorded electric guitars, bass guitar and piano...
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Positive Rock Guitar Memories
Mood of vacations and rest near the sea on the beach or pool with friends. Good memories of summer time and careless holidays. Be Happy energetic, upbeat, uplifting, inspirational rock, giving to...
Warm Romantic Bossa Nova - Stock Music
- Light and romantic Latin acoustic track in bossa nova style. Smooth and beautiful guitar melodies will evoke feelings of nostalgia and romance.- Best for background music, wedding, and romantic...

Royalty-free & Professional Instrumental Included Stock Music

Modern films and clips are real art. They combine amazing graphics, a captivating storyline, and exciting musical accompaniment. Moreover, the audio background plays a crucial role in any project. The sad piano melody helps to create a melancholy mood in the viewer, while the energetic drum music allows you to convey the spirit of adventure and inspire the audience. Do you want to use all these techniques in your clip and look for the perfect tracks? With instrumental included stock music, you have mind-blowing results without breaking the bank. These recordings are royalty-free, professional, and versatile. They will decorate any of your films and make them driving and loved by the public. Want to know all the details? It's about time!

All about Instrumental Stock Audio

Nowadays, there are many fans of the sound of the violin, drums, or guitar. Instrumental music holds a special place in the hearts of listeners and makes them immerse themselves in a magical atmosphere. That is why adding one of these compositions to your video allows you to increase traffic and win viewers' attention. With the recordings included in this library, you will do everything at the highest level! What is their value?

First of all, these audios are royalty-free. It means you do not need to make additional payments to purchase the copyright. You pay once for sound and license and create your ideal project without restrictions. Moreover, this instrumental music offers high quality and excellent compatibility. Check out the rest of the features here:

  • A large assortment. Are you working on an adventure movie and looking for a traveling traveler's guitar tune? Or are you looking for a harmonious combination of drums and piano for your new motivational video? This library includes all the best assets for any purpose. In addition, there are many other audios in the assortment of TemplateMonster, such as hip-hop or rock genres.
  • Several types of licenses. When purchasing a sample, you need to select the appropriate certification. If you want to broadcast the show with an asset, choose the option for broadcasting production to an audience of 1 or 10 million.
  • High sound quality. Songs are versatile due to their professional quality and performance optimization. These features allow you to use samples for any production, even the largest.
  • Popular formats. The instrumental included recordings are in MP3 and WAV formats. Therefore, you work with assets with no special knowledge or applications.

How to Download Stock Included Music?

Want to bring your ideas to life with the assets in this library? Then it's time to choose and download the best audio for your clip, podcast, or movie. Do it with step-by-step instructions:

  • To get started, create an action plan. Decide on the concept of your video and the purpose of the song in it. Do you want to cheer the audience, translate a melancholy mood or motivate the viewers? Decide on this to choose the best option without difficulty.
  • Specify your preferences using the sidebar. You set the desired tags, price, or composition genre. It is the best solution that allows you not to waste time and see options that match your preferences.
  • Learn all the details about the sound you like. Listen to the record a few times and read the description to learn which instruments are here. Also, check out the reviews to be sure of the quality.
  • If you are satisfied with all the parameters, proceed to payment. Press the "Add to Cart" and "Checkout Now" buttons.
  • After payment, you download the sample with the link in your email or TemplateMonster account.

What Else Do You Find on TemplateMonster among Instrumental Included Stock Music?

Do you have a lot of clips and short films on your account? In this case, you can't do without stunning stock videos with which your projects will sparkle with new colors. Look at a selection of the 15 best fire clips and add a twist to your production. Enjoy watching!

Instrumental Included Stock Music FAQ

What is instrumental included stock music?

These are royalty-free instrumental sounds for videos, podcasts, or movies. They are of high quality, excellent performance, and popular file format.

How to get unlimited access to instrumental included stock music?

If you want to download audio assets for free, join MonsterONE membership. A subscription gives you access to many IT solutions for just one payment. It is a cost-effective and profitable solution for those who work on many projects and want to get the best items without breaking the bank.

Can I broadcast instrumental included stock music?

Yes. With a Broadcasting license, you distribute, display, reproduce, and broadcast your show with library audio.

Are all instrumental included stock music legal?

Yes. The best experts carefully check all samples to guarantee royalty-free and legality.