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The main task of a law firm owner or consultant is to gain the trust of potential clients who want to seek help on any issue. A well-chosen website lawyer template will help you do this. Among the...
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Best Collection of Top Lawyer Website Templates for Your Projects

Instead of commissioning a web designer or developing a site yourself, it is much better to opt for a template. Already designed and coded to a professional standard, you also benefit from choosing a design appropriate to your firm and your clients before spending any money. Much cheaper, much quicker, and arguably more professional, our Attorney Website Templates are ideal for small, medium, and larger firms of attorneys.

These days any serious business needs to be represented nicely on the web. A tendency of transforming retail, services, education, etc., from offline into online keeps its firm track. Therefore, if the idea of founding your own company is crossing your mind, then, clearly, you have to focus on creating a website first. You may choose to build up an online project from scratch by hiring a web designer for this task. It could be a brilliant choice for those who have plenty of time and money to invest. But, let's be realistic, today time has become the most precious human asset, and cost-effectiveness is a new world's motto. So, this is where the ready-to-use lawyer website templates are taking over. Their countless designs, simple installation and editing, clear code, and other features win over. Besides, SEO optimization has been done for all of our products, vital in bringing new customers to your website.

Moreover, our marketplace enables you to promote your business for very little too. You can boost sales by mailing your customers and sending them regular updates on sales and promotions. Our web products are worth trying to enhance your online business.

Features and Characteristics of Advocate & Attorney Templates

Excellent quality themes and other web products of the marketplace have loads of amazing features. Here are just a few of them:


The variety of templates we offer is very impressive. You may find ready-to-use themes or other essential web assets for any online project, from beauty salon design to concrete sales company templates.


Having an incorporated blog gives you a chance to keep your customers in the loop fast and easily. Any information like company news, sales, promotions, updates, etc., could be shared without delay.

Google Maps

Customers will be able to reach out to you and locate your business via Google Maps. Along with checking out the route, they might also go through the other people's comments and reviews on your establishment to make up their minds before purchasing anything.

SEO optimization

Its major goal is to boost the website's presence in search engines. We give a lot of attention to a high level of web page optimization. Therefore, our products retain an extremely effective SEO.

Social networks integration

Social media buttons on the website could transfer information fast and easily. Any customer can press the "share" button, and voila! - free advertising has been done to the web page throughout the social connections.

Mobile-friendly layout

Nowadays, we see an actively growing number of smartphone users. People are not only reading the news and shopping online on their smartphones but, similarly, doing much more complicated tasks. That is why having a mobile-friendly online project is an absolute must for any serious business. Therefore, all templates that we offer have both a good-looking visual layout and a smart inner structure. This leaves a customer without unnecessary headaches when navigating the webpage on different gadgets. 

Who Needs to Create Advocate & Attorney Website

As a law firm, whether you deal with individuals or businesses, and other organizations, a strong web presence is critical to success. If you don't stand up well online, your clients are unlikely to recommend your firm. But for lawyers without in-house web design or technical skills, it can be difficult and time-consuming to create a site without external help. And even then, there is little guarantee that you'll be able to create something good enough to represent your brand and do your firm justice in the eyes of your prospective and current clients. So how best to solve this problem?

Our legal templates are as robust under the shell as they are stylish out front and fully compliant, cross-browser compatible, and responsive for all devices. If you practice law and want to show the services you provide, consider our web assets. They are suitable for all kinds of jurisdiction-related processes and legal services, including:

  • Prosecutions in regulatory proceedings
  • Business law disputes
  • Liquidation and debt-recovery operations
  • Contract law
  • Intellectual property
  • Banking and finance
  • Family law
  • Restructuring
  • Insolvency, etc.

How to Create a Successful Lawyer Website

Great plugins could incredibly improve your website functionality. They are also time and money savers since you don't need to hire a professional web developer to create them from scratch. At our marketplace, we offer you many different plugins that could benefit your online business greatly. Here are just a few of them:

Novi Builder

If you want to facilitate template customization, then this amazing plugin is right for you. With the easy drag-and-drop method, you can locate necessary elements and modify your template according to the requirement of your project. Apply dozens of clearly-coded WordPress templates without restrictions. Combine custom code or functionality and supply your customers with ready-to-go projects thanks to this visual editor.

HTML Tutorial

This tutorial has been created specifically for quality enhancement. If you want to master your HTML template, it is one of the best tutorials available. The tutorial enables you to learn HTML coding, view the examples, do exercises, take a quiz test, and discover other handy resources.

HTML5 Guide

HTML5 is the newest version of the standard HTML. It includes new elements, characteristics, and a new set of technologies enabling you to design more specific and compelling platforms. To resolve the dilemma of multipurpose operations, read this guide. It includes information about:

  • Semantics
  • Connectivity
  • Offline and storage
  • Multimedia
  • 2D/3D graphics and effects
  • Performance and integration
  • Device access
  • Styling, etc.

SEO optimization is also crucial for any online project because it elevates your website to the highest ranks in the search engines. And as a result, being positioned on the top of the list, the webpage naturally attracts more visitors and boosts sales. SEO is essential to enable search engines to understand the content of each web page. And then to decide whether it would be interesting for the users. All our themes are SEO optimized in the first place.

Lawyer Website Templates FAQ

How to install ready-to-use lawyer website templates?

We are offering various premium services to help you out with a web project. After purchasing our template, you are free to contact our professional tech assistance team at any time. They will do the installation for you at an extra affordable cost. If you would like any other service to be done, please let us know, and we will do it as soon as possible.

Are lawyer website templates SEO-optimized?

All our web products are SEO optimized and follow the latest tendencies. It helps to send more people to visit your website and to increase sales as a result. Besides, having your website SEO optimized enables you to create better mutual bonds with your customers. As well, you can enhance your clients' experience and even enlarge your customer's database.

What should I do in case I have a technical issue with lawyer website templates?

Please get in touch with the technical support team immediately through the live chat if any technical issue occurs. The live chat button is found in the bottom right corner. Fill in the blank with basic information on the matter. You will be shortly redirected to our support team representative. Apart from the live chat, you may use other sources to report an issue. Keep in mind that our technical support team is available 24/7 to resolve any tech-related problems.

What are the main lawyer website template's functionalities to focus on?

If you have decided to use a template, check out its functionality list first. It should possess a responsive and mobile-friendly format, be compatible with modern SEO standards, and be written in the correct syntactic code. Besides, the adaptable navigation, easy-to-access admin panel, and productive information architecture are must-haves too.

How to Attract Customers Using Lawyer Site Template?

Efficient website design plays a key role in determining clients' choice whether to buy something or not. According to statistics, nearly 50% percent of people decide to try only the stunningly built online retailers. The first impression could "wow" the audience and keep them in forever. And, of course, when your customers see the beautiful website's layout, you may count on increasing the number of its visitors.

  1. Apart from the incredible cover, your online project must have a smart and simple inner structure. All the elements should be functional and effective. If you overload the website with different components and modules, it might play a tricky game in the end. Your potential customers will avoid the cluttered and overwhelming page. As well as the unnecessary elements will leave a dodgy feeling of uselessness. As you establish an awesome website design, keep in mind how to construct a layout that delivers your audience the best experience possible. Your internal design should be created for your customer in the first place. Therefore people will stay at your webpage much longer, which would enable you to receive more useful leads for your business.
  2. As well, try to add beautiful visual elements to enhance the overall appearance of the online project. Bear in mind that the optical component is a vital part of your website's content. It helps to balance the page and to separate the text.
  3. Videos, photos, infographics will benefit any thriving web layout. Make sure that you use the right fonts and color palette for the online project. These important elements are linked one to another. The chosen fonts have to be readable and resting on the eye. They should be of the same style too. And the colors are better to be fitting each other and of the same spectrum.

With premium-quality web assets from TemplateMonster, you may design an aesthetic platform. You can easily set up a project using the tips above without worrying about its performance and functionality.

Hottest Web Design Trends for Lawyer Website Templates to Use in 2023

Check a helpful video about the most relevant design trends and use them in your lawyer website for the best results. Vivid colors, minimalism, fancy typography are the features that suit any consulting project.