54 Music HTML Website Templates

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Music HTML Website Templates

So, you've spent years crafting your talent, creating your style and building your repertoire - now you need to market yourself and broaden your audience. What's the best way to complete this final important task? Template Monster is your solution! Get your hands on one of an extensive range of professionally designed music website templates from top web development experts. These musicians website templates are aimed at being malleable and attractive - customize them at will with ease.

Music Streaming Website Templates

Use one of our quality assured audio website templates to create a site that not only screams professionalism but also allows you to present your music in an appealing way. Mould your website to suit your needs, giving your current audience a great to access your music while building your listener base.

You'll be able to take advantage of additional features like user-friendly drop-down menus as part of the range of widgets and modules available to you via your CMS panel. These allow you to enhance your bespoke website in a way that impresses and engages your listeners.

Our on-trend designs give you the opportunity to produce a current, winning website that is sure to amaze. You'll get tons of additional benefits when you purchase a music lyrics website template from us, including our free 24-hour lifetime support which makes our websites accessible to musicians with all levels of technical know-how. You'll have the opportunity to develop a professional web presence without the high costs of hiring a web designer.

After the years you've spent developing your art, don't fall at the final important step to your success - create a music artist website and showcase your talent in a specialized and appealing way today.

5 Best Music Website Templates 2019

Template Name Price Sales Collections
Brave Theme - Multipurpose HTML Website Template $75 227 282
Intense Multipurpose Website Template $75 2579 1480
Monstroid2 Multipurpose Website Template $75 514 700
Recording Studio Responsive Website Template $75 59
Music Website Template $69 58