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Poker club WordPress themes come in a variety of colors, styles, and layouts, so it's important to choose the right one for your online poker club. Creating a website with one of TemplateMonster’s poker-based themes, such as the Online Casino theme, will help you showcase the most important aspects of your business. TemplateMonster offers fully responsive, fully customizable themes to help you keep your visitors engaged and on your website longer.

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Premium Online Poker WordPress Templates

WordPress Themes Creation and Features

These online poker themes use WordPress which is beneficial for a variety of reasons. To build a website with WordPress, you don’t need to have any special programming or coding knowledge. It is an all-in-one content management system where you can create pages, change the layout, blog, and more.

WordPress is easy to install and so are the themes that go with it. Simply upload the theme to WordPress and from there you can customize it however you like. These themes can be changed with a visual editor, sometimes called “what you see is what you get”. Further customizations can be made to the theme and WordPress through the use of plugins. Plugins seamlesly integrate with WordPress and offer additional functionality, such as having a shopping cart on your site or offering SEO suggestions for various pages. For a website that offers online poker or gambling, plugins that help with SEO will help you gain more online visitors (traffic), which is going to result in more business. As most people tend to choose results from the top of their search, its important to rank well for your keywords. WordPress themes are also easy to update and are advantageous when it comes to ranking for keywords on search engines. When you create a website a website with WordPress, you get 24/7 free tech support, rich documentation with each theme, and an SEO friendliness to help your new poker website.

When you’re making a responsive WordPress website for poker or online gambling, the options from TemplateMonster will do the trick. When your website is responsive, it will adapt to any size screen it is displayed on - large and small computer screens, tablets, and even mobile phones. Responsive design is considered a ‘best practice’ when it comes to web development standards. Creating your online poker website with a template from TemplateMonster will ensure you have a strong brand presence online and good design to encourage visitors to stay.

For example, the ‘Online Casino’ theme is perfect for an up-and-coming poker website. The homepage is broken up into simple sections, each being visually appealing and easy to navigate for your visitors. Online poker themes place and emphasis on visual appeal and professionalism in order to retain as many visitors as possible and turn them into customers. The design goes beyond the simple look one might find in older industries like healthcare. As in poker, it's always a good idea to stay one step ahead design-wise for your gambling based website. Consider trying one of these from TemplateMonster to improve your visitor experience today.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at our more sports WordPress themes category for a wider selection of well-crafted topical layouts.

Great Video Tutorial for Best Poker Club WordPress Themes

Online Poker Wordpress Themes

Can all the images of online poker WordPress themes be modified in Photoshop? Are the layers flattened and locked?

The images of poker WordPress themes can be modified, the layers are not flattened or locked.

Are images included in the WordPress website templates for online poker club released under GPLv3.0 license?

In the WordPress website templates for poker tournament released under GNU GPL v3.0 images are not included and are used for demo purposes only.

What is Extended License for WordPress theme for live online poker?

The extended license is a website design solution for software companies, sitebuilders and any other businesses working with CMS, software, freeware and applications (excluding those that are the part of the product offered by TemplateMonster). For example, a company produces some kind of an application that is selling very well but there is no website design to integrate with this application. Extended license allows to buy our internet poker WordPress themes at half of their unique price and integrate with the application ( CMS, software, freeware, sitebuilder) thus creating a "new" product. This new products is the property of the company that developed the product, thus the company gains the full rights to distribute the product based on the company's policy and terms of use. The extended license in no way means the reselling of TemplateMonster templates.

How can I update a internet poker WordPress template to a newer version?

Please create a Tech Support Ticket so we can review your project and provide a quote for our services to assist you in getting your poker website WordPress template updated to the latest version.

I have customized the online poker championship WordPress template and would like to protect my content by copyright, can I place Copyright,

Yes, you can add your copyright to protect your content.

After online poker WordPress template purchase you can put your copyright to the template. But you cannot place a line at the bottom (or any other spot) of the customized project saying "Website design by Company name". Nevertheless, you can place "Customized by Company name".

For how long am I allowed to use your WordPress theme for poker tournament? Is there any time-limit?

There is no time limit. As long as you're the owner of the domain/template, you can use WordPress theme for online poker for a lifetime.

Can I buy the images/sound samples/effects from WordPress website templates for online poker games separately?

No. WordPress website templates for internet poker are created for specific designs and we sometimes use our own stock images to create them.

What is a buyout purchase license for WordPress theme for poker tournament?

If you purchase the product at a 'Buyout price' it guarantees that you are the last person to buy this template from us. It means that this poker WordPress template may have been sold before a couple of times (see 'Downloads' number in item's properties) but only you and people who bought the template before you will own it. After this kind of purchase the template is being permanently removed from our sales directory and is never available to other customers again. The buyout purchase license allows you to develop the unlimited number of projects based on this template, but the template should be customized differently for every project.

What is the difference between the Exclusive and the Buyout licenses of online poker casino WordPress themes?

The Exclusive license removes a online poker casino WordPress template from our inventory as the only copy sold. It is applicable only to new templates which haven't been sold once yet. The Buyout license removes a template as the last copy to be purchased.

Сan I use Windows Server instead of Apache for WordPress theme for live online poker?

For the most part – yes, but please check the requirements section located on the WordPress theme for poker tournament preview page and check with your hosting provider to insure it's a match for your project.

Can I put a line at the bottom (or any other spot) of my new product "Website development by Company name" after purchasing online poker site WordPress template?

Yes, you can place a note at the bottom (or any other spot) of my product "Website development by Company name". Nevertheless, you cannot place "Website design by Company name"while using one of online poker club WordPress template.

Can I integrate videos into the online poker championship WordPress template?

For the most part, yes. It really depends on the type of WordPress theme for online poker games you've selected. Please create a Support Ticket so we can check for you before your purchase.

What is the price for acquiring the extended license for WordPress theme for live online poker?

There is no set price for acquiring the extended license. The price is based on the online poker WordPress template's unique price for those templates you would like to use for the integration. The price for purchasing license for a single template is half of the template unique price.

Can I use the online poker championship WordPress template for several sub domains?

Yes, you can install the poker website WordPress template on one domain and its sub-domains. Please review this help topic for a more detailed answer with examples.

What WordPress website templates for live online poker can I use for my affiliate site (to display your templates on my site)?

Our affiliate codes are available to use in almost any WordPress theme for online poker club but we do not recommend using them in a pure flash website and ecommerce type sites. You can also use our Affiliate RMS 2 setup already loaded to promote our products. Please find this in your Affiliate Control Panel at

What is GNU GPL v3.0 license and can I use it with poker website WordPress template?

If you buy a internet poker WordPress template released under GNU General Public License v3.0, you can use it on any number of projects belonging to either you or your clients without any limitations. This license allows you to modify the template and its sources to suit your needs.

Can I remove the reference to TM from WordPress theme for internet poker on the website?

Yes, you can remove the reference to TM from WordPress theme for online poker club on your website.

Can I resell the online poker championship WordPress themes I bought the extended license for?

No, you cannot resell the WordPress website templates for online poker as is. You can only sell them as the integral part of your new product.

Does the WordPress theme for online poker come with instructions for editing?

Yes, we offer you a variety of sources to help you get familiar with your online poker club WordPress template, including installation and editing instructions. Many articles and tutorials on editing templates can be found at our Online Help Center. Besides, you can always refer to our partners from to install or customize your online poker club WordPress template for an additional fee.

Can I use my own hosting provider with poker WordPress template?

In most of cases you can. It just depends on what type of web hosting account you are currently using from your hosting provider as some are limited. Each of the online poker WordPress themes has the hosting requirements listed, so you'll want to check with your hosting provider to ensure the requirements are met within your current hosting account.

Do you provide hosting and domain name in addition to the online poker championship WordPress themes purchase ?

Based on our customers' experience and our own tests, TemplateMonster may recommend some hosting providers in case you're in search of hosting for your poker tournament WordPress template based websites. These are HostGator.

DISCLOSURE: TemplateMonster receives compensation for customers referred from TemplateMonster website to BlueHost and HostGator. BlueHost and HostGator plans have been tested by TemplateMonster QA experts and have been proven compatible with website templates sold on TemplateMonster website.

Can I resell the WordPress theme for live online poker as is?

No, you cannot resell the poker WordPress template as is.

Where can I get the password for the Sources folder of WordPress theme for live online poker?

The password is your Order ID located inside your WordPress theme for poker tournament Download email. If you're not able to locate your email, you'll need to contact our support team and enter as much detail as you can via our Tech Support Tickets so we can ensure you get the correct information.

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