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Soccer - Soccer Club Responsive Joomla Template
This fully responsive and well-documented theme will help you showcase your soccer club in the best light. Testimonials and Team members plugins will help you to create a professional presentation of your soccer experts and clients reviews about your club. TM Gallery will help you show up your club's activity in a stylish way, while an elegant Website Slider will help you present your football club's vision. A wide range of additional pages allow you to present your sports club in details, while a rich UI kit will help you to capture the audience by filling up your website with multiple types of content. Feel free to change the color of your theme up to your taste with Theme Color Switcher and provide your customers with a stunning design underpinned by Parallax animation. Highlight your soccer club's specialty with this fantasy football theme!TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer may sell your Web Design Software, Website Templates, Design Elements, Plugins and Extensions. Become a digital products vendor and earn up to 70% from each sale.
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Soccer Responsive Joomla Template
The design of this soccer Joomla website design is based on readability and ease-of-use to provide a far better presentation of your products and services on the internet. This particular website design is a great pick for soccer association, soccer team or soccer gear. This specific template has a simple yet still reliable layout that draws customers' attention to content. If you need to showcase your web-based project efficiently, this responsive and SEO-friendly theme is going to be a splendid solution. This specific layout is completely responsive, and is crafted in a way to improve your site's rankings in SERP. Owning an easy to follow, well-designed and professional template such as this for your internet site will help you drag more viewers in. Well-documented and presenting free round-the-clock assistance, the actual website template will help you get moving with your online project right away. If you admit that this unique web theme is suitable for soccer store, soccer news or soccer team, you can start the checkout process promptly.TemplateMonster MarketPlaceTemplateMonster is a marketplace where you as a designer or developer
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2 Best Soccer Joomla Templates 2021

Template Name Downloads Price
Soccer - Soccer Club Responsive Joomla Template 85 $49
Soccer Responsive Joomla Template 52 $75

Joomla Soccer Templates

A person devotes a lot of time to his health. He tries to have a proper diet, to stress less, and to do sports. Soccer is considered one of the most popular kinds of sports in the world. Many people enjoy playing soccer, many young boys dream about the World Cup in soccer.

If you are a coach or a representative of a sports school or sports club, you should make yourself known. Prove that you are capable of making many people's dreams come true. The best way to do this is to create a website. Joomla soccer templates are designed to simplify building a website for you and make it easy for the consumer to use. They have a wide range of features, customizing to give you an authentic, bold, eye-catching resource.

Joomla Soccer Templates Main Features

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility. Soccer templates allow the website to function on many popular browsers by default, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera. There is no need to test the website on different browsers.
  • Mega Menu. This is a versatile site-building tool that arranges the content on your website. You won't need any deep knowledge of IT to customize it. It will create a visually appealing interface and easy navigation.
  • Valid semantic code. Your site will get high page loading speed, get a high ranking in search engine results, and become more flexible for customization and use.
  • Google Maps. Getting consumers interested in the content is not an easy task. And if you can get along with your audience, they will want to join your business. You need to give your location right away. When the visitor enters your site, he immediately indicates whether you suit him, convenient to get to you, how much time it takes to get there, etc.
  • Contact form. No less important in the successful running of a web resource is the connection with the consumer. The audience can quickly and effortlessly request additional information through a contact form. It is also important to allow visitors to leave feedback on the services they have received. Be truthful to your audience!
  • Documentation. Regardless of your level of computer proficiency, you need a template manual. First, it contains step-by-step instructions for setting up the theme. Second, it's a source of all the important information about the theme. Third, the documentation tells you about the key features of the template. Fourth, there are answers to many common questions. So, dealing with the template will be faster and more efficient if you use the documentation.

Content Organization Using Joomla Football Templates


This is a tool you can use to present your content in the right light. Add photos, videos, results of your work, achievements, and anything else you want to share with website users.


An indispensable assistant in organizing important information. With a slider, you can focus the consumer's attention on the things you think are relevant and important.

UI Elements

Templates for a soccer website present a large list of interface customization options. It can help you customize a unique website with accordions and toggles, pricing tables, progress bars, counters, lists, tabs, and many more.

Google Fonts

This is a good suggestion for those who are interested in an authentic website. A wide range of fonts will allow you to customize your content to your preference. It will allow you to emphasize important information, accentuate the consumer's attention to specific blocks, and develop the visual component of the website.

How to Interest the Customers of Soccer Websites?

The main goal of website building is to attract the attention of the potential audience. Now we're going to talk a little bit about improving the website to interest the consumer and proudly welcome soccer fans.

  • Large background photos. Use high-quality, dynamic photos to emphasize your sporting spirit. We recommend having a professional photoshoot at different locations - in the gym, on the street, on the soccer field. Prepare the content in advance.
  • Schedule training. If the visual component of the website will be worked out to the smallest detail, then you should also take care of the usability. Create the most comfortable conditions for consumer training. Allow him to choose the date and time of the workout by himself.
  • Blog. This is another secret to a successful website. With a blog, you can publish articles on relevant topics, tell sports news, share your own experiences, promote healthy lifestyles, recommend your menu services, write about all kinds of athlete diets and the like. This is a way to attract the consumer, even if, for some reason, they are not interested in participating in a face-to-face sporting event with you.
  • Motivation. The novice athlete needs to understand what he can achieve in the prospect. Your task is to motivate them. Publish regular content that provides evidence of the achievements of people who play soccer. This can be a video of the first practice and, for example, a video of the 10th practice that clearly shows skill progress. It can be "before-after" photos if the person is interested in losing weight. Target your audience.
  • Laconicity. Remember that your specialty is sports. Sport is about movement. Articles should not be too long, boring, or meticulous. Try to write briefly and to the point. Your goal - to communicate with the consumer with the language of movement, calls to action, striking slogans, and evidence of physical labor.
  • Guest Visit. Do you practice guest visits to workouts or prohibit other people from observing the process? Innovate your soccer club policy. Allow people to watch athletes live at practice or even participate. Make the first visit free. That way, you'll have a better chance of getting a potential customer interested.
  • Testimonials about your team are very important to aspiring athletes. Set up a contact form or post video content with club members. Ask them to talk about your strengths and weaknesses, the results they achieved with your help, their impressions of the coaching staff, and so on.
  • Homepage. This is the first impression of your site, which you can not change. It contains as much useful information as possible and should be attractive and bright.

Why Should Sports Websites Be Responsive?

The times when cell phones were used only for making calls are a thing of the past. Now phones are almost full-fledged computers. A person most often gives preference to a smartphone because of its ease of use, versatility, and compactness.

Responsive website design - this is, in simple words, rubber band design. Its function is to adapt to any screen resolution. Thanks to the responsive content on the website and all the elements inherent in its interface are optimized for the device. Accordingly, your website will look equally beneficial and work perfectly on all gadgets.

Advantages of responsive design

  • Low maintenance costs. A responsive interface allows you not to spend money on developing different versions for devices, search engine optimization for all versions, constant updates, and so on. You just need to create a responsive design, and it will automatically adjust to any gadget.
  • Stable appearance. Responsiveness guarantees the preservation of the appearance of icons, icons, images, and text. They can only change their location relative to each other. The user does not have to get used to the new interface and look for functions all over the site.
  • Simplicity. Sites with a responsive design have a single URL. This is an additional benefit for SEO optimization because you will not have redirections from one link to another.

Joomla 3.x. How To Edit Home Page Content

Your task is to combine information and visuals to attract the attention of the consumer. How to manage all the settings and features of Joomla templates? A video tutorial on setting up a homepage will show you how to solve this problem and create reliable support for you in the hard struggle for a unique web design.

Joomla Soccer Templates Questions and Answers

Can I sell my soccer templates through TempleMonster?

Yes, you can. TemplateMonster has a marketplace for digital products of your production. As a novice developer, you can submit your products there and get a regular good financial return. Become a template author and join our team!

What hosting is the best for a football website with a Joomla template?

There are several leading hosting providers. We suggest you use the information about their main advantages, compare and choose the most suitable option for your needs.

I like many of the templates offered on your platform. Is there an opportunity to save money on buying themes?

Fortunately, this possibility exists. So that you don't have to pay for each theme separately, buy a MonsterONE subscription for one single payment. You will get access to the full range of templates (unlimited downloading), new products, technical support, and regular template updates.

How long will the technical support be current after the purchase of the template?

Buying a template for a soccer website is accompanied by future updates and technical support for 6 months. If necessary, you can buy additional 6 months of technical support from the template author. Please check the support policy for more information.