101 Social Website Builder Templates

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Social Website Builder Templates

If you are looking for a professional social website builder for churches, charities, NGO and non-profit organizations - you are in the right place. You are doing the right things and make the world a better place. To help you achieve this fair goal, we at MotoCMS have created a social website builder with the right pages, blocks, and functionality to help you keep all you need in one place and grow your community.

On this page, we will present a collection of the best social website builder templates and some helpful tips on how to create your website, fill it with the appropriate content and promote. Let's start with the best social website builder templates. You can check our collection here and try any of the designs free for 14 days. We don't ask your credit card details or any other payment information and are just giving them for a free trial period. Also, there are some helpful tips that might be useful during your website creation, you will find them below the template list. Let's go!

Social Website Builder Must-Have Features

If you are running a non-governmental organization, you should know about some important and obligatory things each website of this type should have. Let's talk about some of them.

Homepage Design

Depending on your main goal - growing your community, collecting some money for charity projects, etc. - it should be necessarily displayed on the first page of your website. If you have urgent projects and need to pay attention to it - don't hesitate to show that right from the start. A block with the projects on your social website builder homepage would be a great idea. Also, don't forget to place internal links to the most important pages of your site. Having done it you will make sure to guide visitors through your website so that no one gets lost.

Donation Functionality

If you are collecting money for the charity and other projects you should take care of an easy payment. For that reason, in MotoCMS social website builder we have included a PayPal donation button. It can be easily integrated with any of the blocks and placed on your projects page.

Social Media Sharing Options

A sole website is not always enough to spread some important information as fast as you can. That's why these social website builder templates have the appropriate social media integration functionality and a number of useful widgets. Thus, you can post some urgent information and instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular networks to engage more people.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The growth of mobile traffic is a crucial factor nowadays. You should not neglect this fact and in addition to all the necessary elements of a professional social website builder, your website should be responsive. With this option, it will look great on any devices whatever the screen size is. Luckily, all NGO website design templates from this collection are fully-responsive and will have great look on PS, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Summing up

Hopefully, the collection of social website builder templates and recommendation we provided were valuable. Start creating your organization website easily and good luck with new charity projects!