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Lawyer Moto CMS 3 Template
The main task of a law firm owner or consultant is to gain the trust of potential clients who want to seek help on any issue. A well-chosen website lawyer template will help you do this. Among the main features are a strict design and the ability to create a business card or portfolio website easily. Make yourself known as a professional with a template, and you will get tired of accepting new clients.
Sales: 14
Last updated: 29.08.17
LifeART - Art Portfolio Moto CMS 3 Template
Need a fancy art portfolio online? Look at this art portfolio website template for any creative portfolio or gallery in black and bright colors. It comprises an extra-modern and preppy site design accompanied by complete functionality. Pick this monochrome website theme as a framework for making an art or design portfolio website, and understand how fast and hassle-free website creation may be!
Sales: 6
Last updated: 09.03.21
Personal Portfolio MotoCMS Creative Website Template
Need a fancy personal online portfolio? Look at this personal portfolio creative website template for any original portfolio in bright colors. It comprises an arty and preppy site design accompanied by flawless functionality. Pick this colorful website design as a basis for your art or design portfolio website, and make it fast and stress-free!
Sales: 6
Last updated: 27.08.21
Homeville - Homeowners Association Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
Do you specialize in property management and offer a one-stop solution? With MotoCMS homeowners association website template you can prove clients you guarantee safe and comfortble environment for living. It includes lots of pages to present the details in the most favorable light. You should only customize it in the intuitive admin panel by adding or deleting various blocks, widgets and elements. There is no need for special skills as the process is simiar to playing an online constructor.
Sales: 20
Last updated: 13.01.21
Evolution Business Moto CMS 3 Template
Evolution is a feature-rich and highly responsive business MotoCMS 3 template which offers everything a modern business must have to be successful online.With beautiful interface, conversion-optimized design elements and simple user-friendly navigation, Evolution is deservedly considered one of the most advanced business templates on the market. Use the variety of awesome features like drag-and-drop website editor, 120 pre-made blocks, tons of Google fonts, advanced SEO integration and a wide range of useful widgets to create a one-of-a-kind website which perfectly portrays your business' values and builds trust among your target audience.Should you have any questions or propositions regarding this template, feel free to contact 24/7 Tech Support team — they are always there to give you a helping hand.
Sales: 354
Last updated: 19.01.21
God's Church Moto CMS 3 Template
Look at this spiritual website template for a contemporary church accompanied by a unique drag-and-drop website builder and required functionality features! This church website design has a flexible pre-designed layout, multiple valuable widgets, and integrations, and stylishly designed image and text content blocks that can be modified, duplicated or removed fast and efficiently. Thus, you can develop a new church website with a trendy design in no time!
Sales: 15
Last updated: 18.04.22
Healthcare Moto CMS 3 Template
Meet this brand-new health care agency website design that is a perfect choice for companies and experts providing professional health care services. It is a responsive website template with an easily modified layout and a comprehensive drag-and-drop website builder. Using this design, you can build a flawless health website that promotes your service and demonstrates your brand's vision.
Sales: 14
Last updated: 18.04.22
Cealissa - Lawyer & Attorney Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
Cealissa is a beautiful responsive Moto CMS 3 template designed specifically for law firms. Its main feature is the possibility to modify your website without writing a single line of code – via the visual website creator. At your disposal there are tons of content modules, widgets, plugins and styling options. This template is also equipped with a blog and a full set of pre-designed pages crucial for the law business.With this template, you can also order such premium options as template installation, integration of an eCommerce plugin and integration with Google AdWords. Check out the demo to see it in action.
Sales: 27
Last updated: 18.11.21
Wedding Cakes Moto CMS 3 Template
Meet a fully responsive and tender wedding cakes website design that is perfect for a wedding bakery web page! With a fully customizable layout, multiple modification options, and an excellent drag-and-drop website builder, this web theme is your first and foremost step to quick and easy website creation. Give this white-pink template a try now and make a sweet and delicate website for your wedding confectionery business!
Sales: 19
Last updated: 18.04.22
Wedding MotoCMS Website Template
Meet this flexible and responsive wedding website design, best for any wedding-related professional (wedding planner, photographer, videographer, performer, and designer) or wedding agency! With a flexible layout, all the possible editing options, and a unique, easy-to-use website builder, this design is an excellent start of quick and easy site production in this specific niche. Try this multicolored theme now and create a stylish and engaging website for your wedding business!
Sales: 36
Last updated: 09.06.21
Minister - Political Candidate Moto CMS 3 Template
When every vote counts, a successful election campaign website is a must. Get this modern, well-structured political campaign website design and create an efficient multi-page website for a candidate fast. The template includes separate pages to present information not only about the candidate but also about the team. Additionally, you can showcase projects and post the news regularly on the website’s blog.
Sales: 10
Last updated: 21.12.20
The Ballot - Political Candidate Moto CMS 3 Template
With this contemporary politician website template, you can launch a political candidate’s website in a couple of days. Customize pre-designed pages about the candidate, the party they represent, the team who works on the campaign, recent projects, etc. Also, well-thought call-to-action buttons help you engage voters and encourage them to join you.
Sales: 12
Last updated: 04.12.20
Dating & Introduction Agencies Moto CMS 3 Template
Meet a fully responsive and stylish dating website design that is perfect for building a dating agency web page! With a flexible layout, multiple editing options, and a superior website builder, this theme ensures a fast and convenient website creation. Try this theme right now and create a stunning website for your dating agency!
Sales: 2
Last updated: 24.07.20
Jennifer & Robin - Wedding Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
This wedding Moto CMS 3 template boasts an elegant design automatically adjustable to any viewport. It makes minimal use of text and is more focused on visuals. There are multiple cutting-edge features that will keep your site both usable and attractive. They include a transparent dropdown menu, boxed gallery with a quick view option, contact form, and countdown timer showing how much time is left until the wedding ceremony. For more effective storytelling, you can add a full-width background video right to the homepage. An integrated website builder allows you to create unique layouts using ready-made blocks. The template also has many presets to edit the look of widgets to your taste.
Sales: 6
Last updated: 11.11.20
Fenimore - Law Firm Moto CMS 3 Template
Do you want to create a website for a law firm on your own? The law firm web template will be a great tool in starting your project. All templates presented in our catalog have a stylish design that meets modern trends. Moreover, a convenient admin panel will make it easier to set up pages, and useful widgets will pleasantly surprise each client with their functionality. Try this professional template, and customize it in minutes.
Sales: 26
Last updated: 30.03.21
United League - Reliable Political Campaign Moto CMS 3 Template
This modern political party website includes everything you need to present the program and engage voters. Use pre-designed pages with various customizable blocks to add information about your views, purposes, campaigns, team, events, etc. The blog functionality of this template also lets you keep voters updated easily. Choose this template to promote your party without much effort.
Sales: 2
Last updated: 13.05.20
Fondson - Political Candidate Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
If you want to launch a website for a politician, look at this political candidate template. Its pre-built pages let you provide the person’s biography, present the campaign, update the news regularly, illustrate events with images or videos, etc. Accept donations, engage volunteers, and change the world with the help of a well-structured website.
Sales: 16
Last updated: 02.11.20
Joseph Parker - Political Candidate Moto CMS 3 Template
This political candidate website template by MotoCMS is suitable for describing the candidate’s campaign, presenting the mission, illustrating events, and showing political programs. Add the candidate’s biography, videos from TV programs, and publish people’s reviews to convince new voters. Customize the template and run a successful campaign, keeping voters updated.
Sales: 3
Last updated: 18.11.20
Cared4 - Senior Care Moto CMS 3 Template
This great website template designed for elderly care and rehabilitation centers features carefully structured pages, easy navigation, and an appealing look. With this senior care website template, you’ll present all medical and care services, introduce professionals working with patients, emphasize achievements, and let customers book a consultation or an appointment easily. Take advantage of this template to create a powerful website for caregivers.
Sales: 7
Last updated: 15.09.20
Omega - Church  Website Template
This is Religious Templates, a modern church Theme which has been designed and developed with all churches and religion websites in mind. The Theme is packed with 10+ Validated Pages designed using Bootstrap 4 grid Packed with 150+ features. Amazing layouts ideas for church and nonprofit websites, with the addition of sermons, events, ministries, about the pastor, donations and donation causes. Clean and contemporary, Religious templates will make your church website look amazing, all while allowing you to customize anything you wish with ease.Religious Templates can be used for Churches, Jewish Synagogues, Hindu temple, Islamic mosques, non-profit organizations, Sikh temples, and many more.
Sales: 1
Last updated: 17.05.21
LegalAlien - Immigration Lawyer Moto CMS 3 Template
Do you need a fast, modern website for a law firm? Check this carefully structured law firm website design by MotoCMS. Its numerous blocks emphasize your company’s benefits, present all your legal services in detail, show customers the team that they can work with, and give them the possibility to contact you quickly via the website. Attract new clients easily with this fantastic law firm website template.
Sales: 13
Last updated: 20.11.20
Anna Solas - Photographers Portfolio Photo Gallery Moto CMS 3 Template
Is it true that you work as a photographer for a living? Do you want to start your own portfolio or improve the one you already have? This photography portfolio website template for the brightest designs with the latest upgrades makes everything doable and simple. Make the best portfolio you've ever produced with this website design. With your newly enhanced portfolio, you'll have additional prospects for business and work. Isn't it fantastic?
Sales: 19
Last updated: 29.12.17
Online Moto CMS Premium Dating Website Template
This fully responsive online dating website template comes with a niche-specific design, convenient admin panel, and unique functional features. This dating app or site design is equipped with an intuitive website builder that guarantees a comprehensive template customization process. Try this modern dating theme right now and build a professional-looking website with ease!
Sales: 1
Last updated: 24.05.21
Helledia - Lawyer Premium Moto CMS 3 Template
Helledia is a stylish, responsive Moto CMS 3 template created for law firms. It is very easy to modify thanks to the drag & drop page builder that comes in the package. The builder introduces a large choice of content modules, which can be added to your website and rearranged how you see fit. You will also receive a full set of ready-to-use pages and exclusive widgets. If you need to adjust the template to the style of your brand, a color picker with unlimited colors is at your disposal. This template is one of the most effective ways for a lawyer or a law firm to bring their business to the web and drastically increase the client base.This template is featured in the following editorial reviews:Top 10 Law Firm Website Templates with Proven Quality
Sales: 38
Last updated: 22.03.17
Wedding Planner MotoCMS Website Template
Need a niche-specific web page to create a wedding planner website? Take a look at this tender wedding website design! It has a lot of ready-made text blocks that can be completely changed. Furthermore, this theme is based on the convenient builder. So,creating a stunning online presentation of your planning services will be easy and hassle-free. Build your portfolio gallery, specify contact details, and add informative blog posts to assist your prospective clients distantly! Get started right now!
Sales: 10
Last updated: 05.05.21
Respes - Law Firms Moto CMS 3 Template
This new law firms website design can boast an utterly customizable layout, modern design, easy-to-use admin panel, and a broad set of editing options. So, if you're looking for the most official-looking and functional web design for your law office, this template is perfect for you. Choose this legal firm theme now to make a unique website for the online presence of your team of attorneys, lawyers, and solicitors!
Sales: 6
Last updated: 12.02.21
Guardan - Law Services Moto CMS 3 Template
If you are looking for a website template to create a website for a law firm, explore this clean law enforcement website design by MotoCMS. Its customizable blocks let you present your legal services, introduce your team of lawyers or attorneys, provide the latest news or cases on the blog, etc. Enjoy personalizing the template with a convenient admin panel and launch your website fast.
Sales: 3
Last updated: 23.08.19
Risen - Custom Church Moto CMS 3 Template
Look at this inspiring website template for a modern church with an easy-to-use website builder and necessary functionality features! This custom church website design has an adaptable website layout, a broad set of useful widgets and integrations, and many ready-made and well-designed content blocks that can be changed, added, or removed in a couple of clicks. Therefore, you can create a new church website with a straightforward, laconic design in no time!
Sales: 4
Last updated: 11.01.21

Social Website Builder Templates

If you are looking for a professional social website builder for churches, charities, NGO and non-profit organizations - you are in the right place. You are doing the right things and make the world a better place. To help you achieve this fair goal, we at MotoCMS have created a social website builder with the right pages, blocks, and functionality to help you keep all you need in one place and grow your community.

On this page, we will present a collection of the best social website builder templates and some helpful tips on how to create your website, fill it with the appropriate content and promote. Let's start with the best social website builder templates. You can check our collection here and try any of the designs free for 14 days. We don't ask your credit card details or any other payment information and are just giving them for a free trial period. Also, there are some helpful tips that might be useful during your website creation, you will find them below the template list. Let's go!

Social Website Builder Must-Have Features

If you are running a non-governmental organization, you should know about some important and obligatory things each website of this type should have. Let's talk about some of them.

Homepage Design

Depending on your main goal - growing your community, collecting some money for charity projects, etc. - it should be necessarily displayed on the first page of your website. If you have urgent projects and need to pay attention to it - don't hesitate to show that right from the start. A block with the projects on your social website builder homepage would be a great idea. Also, don't forget to place internal links to the most important pages of your site. Having done it you will make sure to guide visitors through your website so that no one gets lost.

Donation Functionality

If you are collecting money for the charity and other projects you should take care of an easy payment. For that reason, in MotoCMS social website builder we have included a PayPal donation button. It can be easily integrated with any of the blocks and placed on your projects page.

Social Media Sharing Options

A sole website is not always enough to spread some important information as fast as you can. That's why these social website builder templates have the appropriate social media integration functionality and a number of useful widgets. Thus, you can post some urgent information and instantly share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular networks to engage more people.

Mobile-Friendly Design

The growth of mobile traffic is a crucial factor nowadays. You should not neglect this fact and in addition to all the necessary elements of a professional social website builder, your website should be responsive. With this option, it will look great on any devices whatever the screen size is. Luckily, all NGO website design templates from this collection are fully-responsive and will have great look on PS, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

Summing up

Hopefully, the collection of social website builder templates and recommendation we provided were valuable. Start creating your organization website easily and good luck with new charity projects!