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Diving Accessories VirtueMart Template
This multipurpose Diving VirtueMart Theme is made for building both blogs and e-stores of any kind. Comprising different shades of blue, its monochromatic palette makes text and yellow prices more prominent. Powered by Bootstrap, this responsive theme is loaded with first rate features such as Ajax shopping cart, Ajax search, dropdowns, categories accordion, calendar, commenting system, Google map, etc. Advanced breadcrumbs help customers orient themselves on the site. The template package includes comprehensive documentation to walk users through its installation and customization.
Sales: 11
Last updated: 28.11.14
Online Diving Store VirtueMart Template
Blue and white layout in combination with underwater photos in slider immediately lets the customer understand what products are offered at the store. Banners are supplied with subtle hover effect. Navigation is simple and user-friendly. It is accessible from main menu bar and left sidebar. Both have drop down and fly out options respectively. Social media sharing icons are under the Specials block.
Sales: 7
Last updated: 13.05.13
Travel Store VirtueMart Template
The template possesses deep dark background that makes quality high-resolution photos of the exotic world places look even more tempting. Slider has nice animated effect on image flip. Banners respond customers' hovering. Featured tours are illustrated and supplied with descriptions. Search by destination is available in the left sidebar. Main menu has drop down option.
Sales: 8
Last updated: 10.07.13
Risk Takers Clothing  Gear VirtueMart Template
Some people go in for extreme sports to relieve boredom, while others do it for the sense of challenge. No matter what goal you pursue, you need to be equipped with some safe and comfortable sports gear to enjoy it to the full. Realistic images of this theme spur risk takers into action, arouse strong desire to try something new and feel the thrill. Once people reach your site, they will be welcomed by catchy banners guiding them through your special offers, whereas vivid featured blocks will better introduce users to your business. Thanks to the clever usage of canary yellow color combined with classic black hues, you will be able to capture and hold your visitors' with ease. In a word, each and every element of this design encourages extreme sports enthusiasts making a purchase.
Sales: 12
Last updated: 24.10.14
Total Sports VirtueMart Template
If you need online store with interesting design, this theme fits the concept perfectly. Grunge layout and blood red elements make the store memorable. Main menu bar has uncommon hover effect. Banners promote brand sport apparel. Categories and Bestsellers links are placed in the left sidebar. Featured products are presented in three columns. Add to cart and Details buttons are provided for each item.
Sales: 8
Last updated: 21.03.13
Swimwear Gear VirtueMart Template
Selling swimming or diving apparel and gear is especially topical in summer, so don't miss your chance to get a piece of this tasty pie. However, water sport fans find the spots on the planet where the weather is always warm and sunny. Eventually, you can always go to the nearest swimming pool if travelling is not on your priorities list this season. In a word, you can sell water sports gear all year round, 247 provided that you are running an online store. Our template will help you start successfully. It has been developed by the most experienced designers who took into account all your possible requirements, like appealing layout and all essential features availability. Have more questions? Ask them to our professional support service, they will chase all your doubts away.
Sales: 4
Last updated: 17.09.14
Travel Products VirtueMart Template
What makes travelling exciting and pleasant? Definitely, your great mood and functional stuff like bags and accessories. To find the goodies of this kind, people enter online stores with a wide array of items. The more functional such store is, the more visitors it will get. Choosing this theme, you may be sure that the audience will be pleased with its commercial centric structure any item can be found in a click, visible shopping cart buttons, vibrant brand colors you can choose any you want, and usability. This stuff speaks for the professional execution and artistic touch of this design. Try it to enjoy seamless customizationmanaging of the site and inrush of customers.
Sales: 3
Last updated: 12.06.14
Dobody VirtueMart Template
Dobody is a super flexible Fitness Equipment VirtueMart Template that will help you get your eCommerce site live quickly and easily. The fully responsive framework provides an optimal viewing experience across various devices, including tablets and smartphones. Retina-ready, the theme will look sharp on Hi Definition screens. In order to let online shoppers examine each product in detail, the cloud zoom feature was added. Ajax Search makes it much easier to come across the desired items by entering a keyword. A pack of Viruemart modules and custom page templates were also provided for a quick start.
Sales: 5
Last updated: 11.12.15
Fishing Store VirtueMart Template
Fishing fans consider this relaxing occupation a kind of science, so the professional look of your store will definitely seem trustworthy to them. Rushy pattern in the background reminds of the peaceful river banks. Slider advertises best fishing gear. Blocks in the left sidebar are framed, which creates a legible look. Popular products are perfectly presented in three columns.
Sales: 4
Last updated: 15.04.13
Everything for Sports VirtueMart Template
The theme is simple, yet functional. These are two things each e-commerce store needs. Red elements give the visitor clear guidelines where to look first. Banners divide products into categories and enhance main drop down menu. Featured items are offered in four columns. Social media sharing options are placed in the footer, where the user expects to find them.
Sales: 2
Last updated: 11.10.13
Varity of Fishing Equipment VirtueMart Template
A typical fishing trip that would let people boast of their catch requires more items than just a rod and some bait. It makes devotees of fishing surf the web in search of proper equipment before hitting the road, that's why online stores resort to ingenious methods to show off their products. One of them consists in creating an eyecatching design, which is very easy with this template. You'll be able to increase individuals' expectations for catching more fish due to a possibility to present various kinds of gear in the 'featured products'. Moreover, scanning through your website will be a pleasant activity, as it has no elements to pressurize customers, and its color scheme assists in thinking clearly and making wise decisions in a calm manner. This template will definitely help you create true paradise for fishermen.
Sales: 4
Last updated: 29.05.14
Belly Dance Dress Shop VirtueMart Template
Belly dance is very popular today. Women want to be beautiful, seductive and beloved by their men. Belly dance is a very pleasant way to stay lithe and healthy. Of course this tempting dance looks much more impressive when the artists are dressed into fine costumes, embroidered with beads, spangles and sparkling jewels. If you sell these specific products, an online store will help you reach even the foreign audience. Black and lilac color scheme is appropriate for the theme. It is sexy and magnetic. Promo banners under the slider help the customers save their money and get to know about new store offers. Featured products are supplied with round 'New' and 'Sale' stickers and big 'Add to cart' buttons. You are welcome to download this theme if it fits your needs.
Sales: 12
Last updated: 21.01.15
MMA Gear Store VirtueMart Template
MMA is gaining popularity since it's a dynamic sport that uses plenty of martial art styles. Not only men but also women and even kids get engaged in it. Do you want to supply the army of courageous MMA sportsmen with safe, quality gear? Then consider picking this handy theme that inspires bravery into viewers from first encountering with it. The truly masculine color scheme, bold imagery, and realistic background create the atmosphere of a boxing arena. User eye will be guided through all categories of items on sale thanks to the convenient slider and gridbased product list. Its vibrant canary yellow hues will help in drawing attention to the fields that matter the most as well as motivate for adding some items to cart. Dress up your estore with this design and let MMA boxers finds gear for secure fights.
Sales: 3
Last updated: 11.09.14
Fishing VirtueMart Template
As fishing is mainly men's hobby, grunge style is rather appropriate for drawing the customers. Slider and the neighboring banner are extremely attractive. Left sidebar contains product categories facilitating the search. The items are presented in separate sections, which are arranged in three columns.
Sales: 8
Last updated: 23.11.12

5 Best Sports, Outdoors, and Travel Virtuemart Templates for Joomla Stores 2022

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Sports Store VirtueMart Template 29 $139
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Extreme Sports VirtueMart Template 13 $139
SoccerPRO VirtueMart Template 9 $139

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