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Xmas 2019 Business Graphics Bundle #76257


This is a great set of resources for any graphic or web designer. It has an eye catching set of templates that can be utilised in a variety of uses. I used the Business Consulting Tri Fold Brochure for an accountancy firm but it could easily be adapted for other industries of a similar nature such as insurance, sales or banking. The powerpoint template is easy to edit and saves a lot of time when you have a good base to work from. The certificate again came in very handy which you can easily customise to suit your business and the purpose the award is for. You really do get a lot for your money here which saves a lot of time and effort not having to create from scratch.
Very good resource I recommend. You can easily customised it
Its an awesome graphics bundle needs for any business. Everyone would totally love it.
Some marketing materials are ever-green. Like this Christmas Bundle from Template Monster. You can use and re-use this bundle every year, and it kind of grows on you. Whether it be Brochures, or Powerpoint templates for a Video you are making, its in here.The bundle also includes Landing page templates that are so seasonal looking and I also plan to use their ready banners on my website for a boost in 2019. Cheers!
Лучшая подборка, которую только можно найти в интернете. Приятно удивили высококачественными материалами, в том числе презентацией. Многое из содержимого уже применил в работе, ввиду чего, с каждым днём всё больше и больше благодарен Templatemonster за столь великолепный подарок на новый год. Надеюсь, что столь щедрые и по-настоящему полезные digital материалы. Так же, отдельно выражаю благодарность техподдержке Templanemonster за оперативное решение моей проблемы. Ребята, вы лучшие!
Благодарим за столь душевный отзыв! Надеемся на долгое и плодотворное сотрудничество) Следите за нашими социальными сетями, чтобы всегда быть в курсе проходящих на сайте акций.



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