Society & People OpenCart Templates


Are you in a need of a fresh template for your specific niche online store? It's a sort of difficult to choose an appropriate theme when you operate on a niche business because you need to take into consideration your clients' needs and preferences. You may even have to spend hours browsing through thousands of themes which is a big waste of your valuable time.

Our wide collection of Society & People OpenCart Themes promotes versatile templates that can be adapted to fit a specific niche. Each template is fully customizable and fully responsive allowing you to implement your general design and ideas. Even better, the setup and installation only takes a few minutes!

Each template features a big slider where you can promote your best products or on sale products or anything your heart desires. You can change the color combinations and the logo from the back panel thus bringing the template closer to your general vision.

Products can be organized in categories that are highly visible in each template and you can import new products and images, set up prices, set the general currency and activate and deactivate modules and widgets. You also have web forms integrated in each theme that will help you manage the client base and the shopping flow. Web forms like User Registration or Log In are a necessity for an online store.

Modules like Featured Products, Bestsellers, and Latest are integrated in each template and will definitely make your life a lot easier when it comes to product presentation and organization.

Browse through our collection of versatile themes and find the one you like!

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