Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司

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Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 1Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 2Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 3Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 4Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 5Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 6Constructo-使用Novi Builder着陆页模板的建筑公司 - Features Image 7


Construction Version 1.6 (June 30, 2021):

  • UPD: jQuery to 3.6.0;
  • UPD: jQuery Migrate to 3.3.2;
  • UPD: Bootstrap to 5.0.0;
  • UPD: Popper.js to 2.9.2;
  • UPD: Novi builder;
  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Constructo Version 1.5 (March 05, 2021):

  • UPD: Bootstrap to 4.5.3;
  • UPD: Swiper to 5.3.1;
  • UPD: Owl-carousel to 2.3.4;
  • UPD: Popper.js to 1.16.1;
  • UPD: Bootstrap tabs updated;
  • UPD: Bootstrap tooltip updated;
  • RPL: CountTo change to Counter;
  • FIX: Script js;
  • FIX: CSS styles;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Constructo Version 1.4.1 (November 20, 2020):

  • UPD: SCSS optimization;
  • UPD: Scripts updated;
  • FIX: Project structure;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Constructo Version 1.4 (Octobet 25, 2019):

  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Constructo Version 1.3 (September 18, 2019):

  • ADD: Novi Builder v 0.9.6;
  • ADD: PageTransition v 1.1.3;
  • UPD: Bootstrap v 4.1.3;
  • UPD: Preloader initialization;
  • UPD: Swiper initialization;
  • UPD: RD Mailform v 3.51;
  • UPD: Google Map initialization;
  • UPD: jQuery to 3.2.1;
  • UPD: Copyright Year;
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Constructo Version 1.2 (October 26, 2018):

  • UPD: Novi builder to v 0.9.3;
  • UPD: Google Map;

Constructo Version 1.1 (July 17, 2018):

  • UPD: Builder updated to versiton 0.9.2;

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Nice and clear template, good for a landing page. Another good work from Zemez
our clients Loved the website. Its really easy to work as developer as well.
Ficou Perfeito! Parabéns! Nota Millllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!
I wanted to try out the novibuilder and was really amazed how easy it all worked! After a short introductory phase, I was immediately enthusiastic and built a website for one of my clients. I lost a few things but when I investigated it, I saw that this version of the novibuilder was just a little slimmed down version. Right, for $ 16, - you can not expect a full version. But I will definitely buy the full version, because it was really easy and understandable. Everything that was not possible with the novibuilder, I have in the end even added by html and css. You have full control over the entire source code and is therefore not limited anywhere. Conclusion: very good!
1 star for the template, it didnt work. but Template monster offered me credit then I purchased another theme. 5 star for template monster

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