Altra CAD-机械解决方案Moto CMS 3模板

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Altra CAD-机械解决方案Moto CMS 3模板 - Features Image 1Altra CAD-机械解决方案Moto CMS 3模板 - Features Image 2Altra CAD-机械解决方案Moto CMS 3模板 - Features Image 3Altra CAD-机械解决方案Moto CMS 3模板 - Features Image 4Altra CAD-机械解决方案Moto CMS 3模板 - Features Image 5


Alta CAD v1.1 2020-08-25

  • Google Search was added to the admin panel. It includes 2 widgets - Google Search and Google Search Results. Now you can add a powerful search tool to your website and give users the freedom to discover your indexed content on a click;
  • Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • Bugs fixed.

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