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Jimmy L.

Estamos satis fechos por la planitlla. Actualmente seguimos en cordinacion con el área de marketing para su respectiva modificaciones. Despues de las pruebas internas con el equipo de desarrollo la plantilla no tuvo ningun problema en termino de pruebas. Esperando que las modificaciones se levante en el área de marketing para proceder a realizar las modificaciones en el plantilla y realizar las repectivas pruebas en el entorno de prouccion asi poder dar una muy buena opinion sobre esta plantilla y tener buena experiencia.

Stan S.

Very easy to install and customize. Good instructions from Template Monster. Framework and plugins make adding features quick.

Rusty R.

I purchased this template for a doctor client that specializes in spinal injuries and issues. As a professional website developer that is an expert in Wordpress websites I chose this template because it was a cool looking WP theme. I have been working with Wordpress for years as well as WP themes from Template Monster and I find them easy to work with. We also liked the style, look and feel of the new site including especially the 3 large boxes on the homepage. The slider and transition effects was something else that drew us to this template. The site is nearly done but the majority of the editing, content and customization has been done. Since I started working with this template several weeks ago I have found it easy to with with like the other Wordpress themes from TemplateMonster. I did have 2 issues encountered but I was able to solve them myself without the need to contact TemplateMonster support. The first issue was that the example logo was narrow while the clients logo was a bit taller. I was able to tweak both the clients logo and header of the theme and everything looks good now. The second issue is with the icons in the large homepage boxes (one of the deciding factors in picking this WP theme). Changing them was tedious and once I found out where to edit them it was difficult to know what other icons I could pick from to replace the icons that did not work for the clients needs. I was able however able to find some that worked well enough. There is a 3rd problem but it is an ongoing issue related to the Cherry Framework; when I edit the theme settings (Cherry Options) it overwrites my edited main-style.css file and I need to re-upload my customized file. I think that the child-theme files should not be overwritten like that every-time I make a change to the theme options. Speaking of customization; as I usually do I make a lot of tweaks to the theme that it chosen. In this case I changed the colors from the mint-green color to a red and turquoise color scheme. I also changed the default font to something we felt was more legible and put "call-to-action" elements all over the site. Overall this is a solid theme and I suggest using it if you like the look and feel. I have used a lot of TemplateMonster themes and this one is not my favorite but it is up there. Both me and the client are very happy with the final website which we will be launching soon.


Thank you for your feedback. As for the Cherry Options changings please read this - http://www.templatemonster.com/help/wordpress-cherry-framework-keeps-reverting-my-css-changes.html

Сергей Бизин

Этот шаблон отлично подошел для разработки сайта-визитки частного кабинета стоматолога. Я загрузил свои фотографии кабинета в слайд-шоу на главной странице и наполнил сайт текстовым контентом. Шаблон одинаково корректно отображается как на ПК, так и на экранах смартфонов. Рекомендую!

Wolfgang Schmidt

Das aufgeräumte und moderne Design hat mir und meinen Kunden auf Anhieb gut gefallen. Als Webseitenersteller werde ich dieses Theme für einen Kunden nehmen, der eine Zahnarztpraxis betreibt. Generell ist Templatemonster meine erste Quelle, wenn es darum geht ein Theme für einen Kunden zu finden. Der unkomplizierte Bestellvorgang und der eventuell benötigte Support ist für mich mehr als zufriedenstellend.



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