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MonsterONE - 无限制下载 $13.25/月

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Nice minimalist theme for a blog. It looks very clean and clear. Easy to set up and use. However, I had to adapt some things so that it fit my purposes. The import of the example data did not work for me and the design display was faulty. All important settings and objects can be adjusted in the customizer, such as color scheme, headers, fonts, ad blocks etc. The loading time and speed with the theme is faster than most themes on the market. Also, in my experience it is very SEO friendly. The code is clearly arranged. Unfortunately it has never been updated since I bought it a few years ago.
La instalación fue sencilla y aunque aún no lo he logrado utilizar por completo, el diseño es ideal para el proyecto que estoy creando. Lo recomiendo para páginas personales.
Super szablon, który polecam na prowadzenie ciekawego bloga czy serwisu tematycznego :)
excelent template, i just loved!,have everithyng what i need!
thank you. awesome product. cannot wait to use. it was so easy and helpful

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