Best Shopify Bookstore Themes

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If you need to launch an online shop selling books, you can do this quickly with Shopify bookstore themes by TemplateMonster. As these themes include different pre-designed bookstore pages, you will be able to add your content and start your bookselling business in a couple of days.

Main Features of Shopify Bookstore Themes

TemplateMonster takes into account the needs of various businesses while creating website themes. Thus, the features of each Shopify bookstore template aim to facilitate the process of site creation for you and the ease of use for website visitors.

Responsive Design

When you create an online bookshop, you have to think of users who will be browsing your store via various devices. These book store Shopify themes ensure that your website will adjust to different screens and browsers. You will provide the best user experience for bookstore visitors effortlessly.

Visual Builder

When you use Shopify ebook store themes, you don’t need to change your website’s coding. Just drag and drop necessary elements in the visual builder to arrange the page elements the way you find appropriate.

Launch Your Online Bookshop Easily with Shopify Bookstore Themes

Even if you don’t have much experience in creating and running online stores, our books store Shopify themes will make the process more comfortable. Just follow the tips below and start building your bookshop.

Create Catalogs and Book Collections

After installing your bookstore theme and personalizing it, you can start managing the goods of your shop. While adding products, you can combine books into different categories and display collections of fantasy, children’s books, romance, etc. So, your online store will look well-structured and easy-to-understand.

Adjust Search Options

To facilitate customers’ search at your Shopify ebook store, you can assign different tags to products. Also, you can manage filters. For instance, people can sort products by name, price, time of adding, etc. It’s up to you to decide how specific the search criteria at your bookshop should be.

Create Blog Posts with Shopify Bookstore Templates

A blog is a perfect place for displaying the news. You can inform people about various literature events, announce winners of prestigious competitions, post interviews with award-winning authors, give reviews to different books. Moreover, by showing related posts, it is possible to motivate people to learn other news and see collections of books sold at your store.

Newest Shopify Bookstore Themes

Choose Your Style of Book Store Shopify Themes

Our Shopify bookstore themes come in a variety of styles. You can choose the one that appeals to you most. If you want to find out more about various designs, have a look at the post ‘ Top 14 Clean Style Shopify Themes ’ to help you make a decision.

Learn to Create Various Pages with Shopify Templates

If you want to find out how to create Specials and Latest products pages in Shopify themes, watch this video. You can also find other video tutorials on our channel to help you work with your bookstore.