Shopify Landing Page Templates

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Assortment of Shopify Landing Page Templates

Do you want to launch a brand-new single-page website? Thus, you are in the correct place! Explore our collection of professionally built landing page website templates and find the one that corresponds to your requirements and meets all your design preferences. The easy-to-use backend interface will help you to tune up your site, and fill it up with the content with no effort. Moreover, there are a lot of helpful tools provided by Shopify for free. Let’s check the top 5 Shopify landing page templates.

Fashion Landing Page Design

Vogue Shopify landing page templates have a modern and luxury design. The design of the Shopify Themes for Large Inventory supplemented with big promotion banners and photo galleries. Furthermore, the design of fashion landing page templates supplemented with unusual shapes, and that attracts visitors’ attention from the first sight. Additionally, apparel landing page template Shopify from this selection have ready-to-run content with high-quality images and default texts.

Single Page Templates for Tech Store

Do you want to build a landing page website to represent your services on the Internet? Check out our Shopify themes with subcategories. Every of these Shopify landing page template will be a great base for an online tech store, repair shop website, and a software company web-page. Moreover, using our Shopify technical website templates, you can easily launch an online startup website without editing even a line of code.

Gift Store Landing Page Shopify Themes

Shopify landing page template for a gift store built creatively by using bright colors and the most recent techniques in web development. All the designs have a juicy outline and come with attractive images. The typography used on our Shopify landing page themes for a gift store uses colorful text styles and attractive fonts. Furthermore, the gift store website templates supplemented with full-screen banners and product showcase.

Restaurants & Hotel Landing Page Templates for Shopify

Promote a restoration, coffee shop, or a dining place by using our Shopify landing page template. Professionally-built design will help you to launch a successful website within a day without editing even a line of code. Enlarge your online presence and attract new clients from the Internet easily. Using the comprehensive design of food and drink landing page website templates, you can represent a menu online and promote the meal of the day online. Moreover, the inbuilt functionality allows your clients sharing the news from your site in one click.

Home Design Landing Page Templates

In case you need a futuristic website for creating a design company website, consider using our exterior Shopify landing pages with a one-page layout. All the home design website templates built by creative designers and ready to go right out of the box. Using the best Shopify landing page template for the home design, you can easily run an interior design company or launch a gardener store on the web. The functionality of landing page website templates by Shopify requires no coding skills and technical background.

Peculiarities of Landing Page Templates by Shopify

The one-page website design represents a product and converts new sales. It is a great choice if you need a simple website that will help you to promote products or deliver information to your website visitors effectively. Moreover, the functionality of the systems brings you a ready-to-use solution for an e-store.

Fully Responsive Layout

All the Shopify landing page templates have a modern and adjustable layout that changes the website’s design according to the width of a previewed device. Thus, your website will look great on both mobile and desktop devices. All you need to do is to create a desktop version of your site. The system will render all the sub-versions of your site by itself.

Easy to Use Backend Interface

Building a new single-page website with Shopify requires a minimal amount of technical skills. The easy-to-use interface provides the ability to configure any settings without editing even a line of code. Hence, you can download a Shopify landing page template, fill it up with products, customize the design and run your e-commerce business with no effort and big expenses.

Comprehensive Video Tutorial and User’s Guide

Do you want to know how to update default texts on a Shopify landing page template? Follow this video guide with step by step instructions on how to replace default texts from a landing page website template. Moreover, you will discover how to update text styles and add new fonts. Launch a live demo and try using free landing page template Shopify to check the look of your further website.

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