Shopify Themes with Subcategories

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Features of Shopify Themes with Subcategories

Website templates from this category have a vibrant layout, with a large assortment of ready-to-use pages. Moreover, all the pages are arranged by second and third-level categories. Shopify themes with subcategories have the hierarchy structure that allows navigating on a website quickly and easily. The home page leads to a particular number of second-level category pages. Each category can lead to an unlimited amount of subcategories. Hence, purchasing a website template, you will get a ready-to-run site with a large number of pages with turnkey design.

Mega Menu Bar with Categories

A default navigation menu includes only links to the main site’s categories and their subcategories. However, there is the mega-menu feature available in Shopify themes with subcategories. It provides you with the ability to create a rich menu bar. The mega menu is a default menu bar supplemented with category images and promotion banners. Hence, you can create an attractive menu bar that helps to navigate quickly by following images. Moreover, it provides you with the ability to promote some products right in the navigation bar.

Top 5 Shopify Themes with Subcategories

  • KarDone - Auto Parts Shop Shopify Theme
  • Multifly - Multipurpose Online Store Shopify Template
  • Spare Parts Shopify Theme
  • Auto Parts Shopify Theme
  • Shopy Fashion Shopify Theme

Shopify Themes with Subcategories for Online Store

Due to the multipurpose and multipage design, our loft Shopify themes will help you to launch an online shop within a day. Moreover, all themes come with a convenient to use backend system that allows you to create new and edit existing pages, add products, and tune up the design of your website with no coding. The system creates all pages by itself. All you need to do is create new categories, add products, and assign your products to corresponding categories. Moreover, the system will scale the dimension of a previewed device and render your website according to the user’s device.

Helpful E-Commerce Features

The assortment of features that will help you to create an online store includes the product listing block with sorting option. Moreover, there is a sidebar with categories for quick navigation available. Hence, website users can manage their purchases, make online payments, and get receipts. By using the advanced sorting features, you can provide your clients with the ability to pick up only a particular type of product.

Complete User’s Guide Shopify

Do you want to create a brand new website quickly and easily but have zero coding skills? Check out our guide with detailed instructions on how to use and edit Shopify themes with subcategories. For starters, you can check thedetails of setting Shopify online store.

Video Assistance for Quick Website Creation

In case you have already set up your online store and looking for additional tips check out our guide on how to enable user registration on your Shopify website.

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