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Update (December 14, 2018):

  • - Updated Joomla to version 3.9.1;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.

Update (March 20, 2020):

  • - Updated Joomla to version 3.9.15;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.

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Really nice template, intuitive and fairly easy to customize. The one thing that makes this hard to give a better score is the developer author branding done in a way to make it difficult to remove or change. Makes it difficult for resell developers..
The template met my expectations. Easy to configure and really multipurpose.
Easy to configure, multiple options for the homepage. It comes with images, dump.sql, plugins and template. AMAZING website!
O template que escolhi, foi baixado com todo o código, extensões, componentes que eu precisava, isso me surpreendeu, fiquei muito satisfeita. As edições feitas pelo frontend ajudam muito a edição para os mais leigos, nós que trabalhamos nessa área, precisamos passar a edição para o cliente e isso ajuda muito no nosso atendimento. Outro ponto que eu gostaria que comentar, foi o suporte, mesmo não falando o mesmo idioma, consegui ter meu problema resolvido 100%. Vou continuar comprando.
So having paid for and downloaded many templates from various template sites before - I was really impressed with Wegy. Each section was easily modified from the front end. (a feature lacking on many templates). So it was easier for my customers to make their own changes. From a providers perspective the support offered by Templatemonster - to me was the biggest advantage. 24/7 lifetim esupport for the template is really the biggest selling point for me. Lets see some more great joomla templates like Wegy please !!

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