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Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 1Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 2Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 3Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 4Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 5Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 6Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 7Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 8Electrolux PrestaShop Theme - Bildeigenschaften 9


Electrolux v.1.3 (September 13, 2018):

  • - added module JX Security Pack
  • - minor fixes bugs

Electrolux Version 1.2 (May 29, 2018):


  • - update JX MegaLayout
  • - added new documentation

Electrolux Version 1.1 (Dec 08, 2017):


  • - minor HTML issue fixed
  • - database bugs fixed

Electrolux Version 1.0 (Oct 11, 2017):


  • Realised Electrolux

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Very good template, The customer service is excellent, response within two minutes. Easy installation and very well written manual (documentation), what i every time highly appreciate (easy to install without useless issues).
i was searching modern Prestashop e-commerce template, based on latest Presta engine, with clean , simple but impressive design and strong colors. Then i found this one and bought this template because it`s looks enough attractive for me: with simple layouts and clean design, but still strong impressive and expressive. Too i think current color schema is quite original and different from mass websites and is able to take and stand out. As always and as every TM theme what i bought it`s income with easy installation and very well written manual (documentation), what i every time highly appreciate (easy to install without useless issues). Good job, Thanks.
Theme is good, and its not hard to configure it. Good for retail
very well è possibile modificare il tema a proprio piacimento ed è disponibile anche in italiano
Facil de instalar y de configurar. Resultados muy satidfactorios en cuanto a diseño
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