Akademie - Website für Bildung, Lernkurse und Institut

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Very useful template providing a lot of design variations for almost every type of page. Basic customisation is quite easy and documentation of the template is well organised, which is a helpful guide even for the novices to web design: The page structure is explained in details besides stylesheet and javascript files though not documented at all, described at least. I recommend for web professionals and especially for students or individuals working for foundations or associations.
Template technically correct. The code is clean and quite intuitive. The nomenclature and descriptions are also legible. The only thing you can find fault with is replacing css with bootstrap for your own naming, which forces you to read the code more thoroughly and takes a lot of extra time. It is also a pity that after the purchase the template did not have any photos in the package and all had to be pulled from the template code online. Instead of originals, there were only end caps in the target sizes. Generally ok, I recommend it.
Good template. I have already bought other products on templateMonster and therefore I know their professionalism and above all the quality of their products.

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