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WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 1WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 2WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 3WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 4WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 5WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 6WooCommerce Theme namens Lebensmittel-Online-Shop #51254 - Bildeigenschaften 7

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There is a problem with the categories, clicking on the categories does not show the products in that category. Instead, all products come out. Can this problem be fixed?
Hi there! Please accept our sincere apologies that the template editing caused you difficulties. Unfortunately, we did not locate any request in our ticket system from you regarding the issue. Kindly submit a request here https://support.template-help.com/index.php? or join our live chat: https://direct.lc.chat/9531830/22 We would be glad to help with the issue! Look forward to your reply :)
Отличный шаблон. Легко установить. Нужно использовать плагин jetthemecore версии 1.1.12 вместо того, который идет в комплекте.
I got a new and modern design page for my money. Your installer is documented. After the purchase, I quickly got the theme. The theme can be set up very quickly. Identification and operation of modules is not always easy. But they work like on demo site. With a little better description lightning can quickly customize the new site after purchase. The theme you buy is the same as the demo page. Dont include pre-installed full demo page.
Хороший шаблон. Но, к сожалению не все понятно в документации. Особенно не понравилось, что используется Cherry Framework. Не очень люблю на нем работать.
This template is well programmed: no errors, easy to install and to customize. The integration of WooCommerce works fine. Every aspect is well ordered in the backend. If you want to buy this template please consider the colors: If you need to use some more dark colors the template will look a little bit boring. You need to use some fresh colors in order to keep the layout interesting. Please notice that the slider and the pictures are a little bit too small to be impressive, especially on the startpage.
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Hello I got the theme has a few months. It is installed on the Wordpress platform. I would like to know if the theme supports updating the current wordpress 4.7.3 Thank you
Thank you for your comment. Yes, this template is compatible with WordPress 4.7.x.
Can I run a child theme with this template?
Hello, we are thinking of purchasing your theme and have a few questions. 1) do you provide fast support? 2) can you provide screenshots of the admin area? 3) Does this theme have the ability to manage customer accounts?
Hello, my name is Marco and i have already purchased that template. I answer to your questions: 1) Template Monster provides one of the best and fastest support, so don't worry about that; 2) For screenshots about the admin area let me know how to send you images and i'll provide them to you; 3) Customer Accounts are managed by the theme and Woocommerce System. From their account dashboard, customers can view their recent orders, manage their shipping and billing addresses and edit their password and account details. Best regards. Marco Marco
How to install it ?
Thank you for your comment. You can install the template using the following Quick start guide: http://www.templatemonster.com/help/quick-start-guide/woocommerce-themes/master/index_en.html <br/>or the video tutorial on how to install the template: www.templatemonster.com/help/woocommerce-how-to-install-woocommerce-wordpress-theme.html
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