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Update (May 24, 2019):

  • - Updated to WordPress 5.2 engine version;
  • - WordPress 5.2.x Compatible;
  • - WooCommerce 3.6.x updated;
  • - WooCommerce Templates updated;
  • - FIX: minor bugs.
Update (December 13, 2018)
  • - WordPress 5.0.1 Compatible;
  • - WooCommerce 3.5.2 updated;
  • - Elementor Page Builder updated;
  • - Best Elementor WooCommerce Addon JetWooBuilder added;
  • - JetElements added;

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After paying for install and trying for weeks to get the template to work, I learned that the creator had updated the entire template and the email notification for that went to my spam...now I am stuck with having to re-install the new template and waiting for Temp monster to explain why they are not liable for this 2nd install.
Thank you for your feedback. First of all a template is a graphical skin and has nothing to do with email function. This is a server and spam filter related issue. We highly recommend you to check this issue with your hosting provider.
I have been working in web design and development since 2002. I bought this template because I had to make a project in a short time. The layout is very nice. But... Bad content management. The builder is too convoluted, not usable. And last but not least, there are many plugins that are in conflict. All this makes the management of the elements of the site, including the contents, very complicated. I will not be able to leave the administration to my client: he will never be able to update the contents easily. I do not recommend buying it. Best wishes.
Dear Andrea, please accept our sincere apologies that the template caused you difficulties. Unfortunately, we have not managed to find any support requests from you regarding the issues with this template. We would appreciate it if you contact us and share more information about the difficulties you faced, we will do our best to assist you with any questions. Kindly submit a request here https://support.template-help.com/index.php? or join our live chat: https://direct.lc.chat/9531830/22 We would be glad to help with the issue! Look forward to your reply!
I found this template very affordable, havent set it up yet in full, but for what I see this is a must have
This template is really amazing. My customer is very happy too.
database was automatically unestablished for the 2007 wp version.
Thank you for your feedback. Please provide us with a list of the issues which you are facing with, we will gladly assist you - https://support.template-help.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/RRA-994-55926.
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