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Professional! Unique theme and unique service. The template makes our web site simple, pretty and professional. We requested for minor customization on this theme. Thanks to the customer service team for their professionalism, knowledge and patience, who helped smoothen our concerns and work out the solution in a timely manner. Your efforts into providing top-notch web design and tech support is much appreciated.
I buy Templatemonster templates 2 years and I dont see any point design myself. I takes time.
It works, nuff said.
Ive just spent the last 24 hours working with the Nice Hotel theme (#40361) and I have to say that its pretty nice! Its very clean in its design and the theme options offered are quite good, if not quite as flexible as other themes Ive used. Ive also found that its incompatible with one or two plugins that I use regularly with other sites. All in all, I think its a great design, and pays attention to the specific needs of a hotel website, which a lot of other supposed hotel themes dont.

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