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Construct company Drupal theme is aimed at house repair and renovation companies, building companies and contractors. The theme is based on responsive framework ensuring great performance and user experience at any device and screen resolution. The theme can be alternatively used for industrial websites, roofing companies, plumbing services and other spheres of small local business.

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The template is very good, it has responsive design implemented, as CSS pre-processors its using LESS so its very easy to change for example colors of text, buttons, icons, etc. The only issue for me was to disable some drupal modules (e.g. media) because they are not updated to the last version. I tried to updated them but there was some conflicts with other modules. So in my opinion the author of this template should check from time to time if modules are updated to the last version.
drupal is too difficult to customize with this template. I hope to have a more flexible and easy template, thanks anyway

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