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MoonResort v1.1 (10 January, 2019):

  • - Added pop-up window functionality to allow users create and edit pop-ups;
  • - The Accordion widget was added. This functionality allows to improve design and display content in a new way;
  • - Google Map Pro - a new advanced Google Map widget was added to the admin panel. Using it, you can not only connect to Google Maps and display your office location on the website pages, but also choose different map themes, customize the controls display and add the necessary markers;
  • - Tags and Categories for Blog are added to the admin panel. They will help you to sort out your content and so will make the search on your blog comfortable and efficient for users;
  • - New Tile Gallery allows creating custom masonry-type galleries. They are flexible and adapt to any screen resolution due to the responsive nature achieved by the changing number of columns and rows;
  • - A new feature was added to the admin panel. It is an excellent alternative to LiveChat which allows clients to get in touch with you via the most popular messengers and also leave their details for further contact with managers;
  • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • - Bugs fixed.

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uno dei migliori templete che abbia mai comprato, molto performante e facile da adattare a tutte le mie esigenze, è veramente molto facile da usa con il sistema drag and drop. Ci sono diversi blocchi che si posso usare e personalizzare molto facilmente. la cosa che più mi piace è che hanno un sistema di assistenza tra i migliori che abbia mai visto, basta aprire u n ticket e loro subito sono pronti per aiutarti e risolvere tutti i tuoi problemi. molto consigliato
Bonjour à tous, Après avoir essayé avec plus ou moins de succès plusieurs types dinterfaces pour développer les sites web de me clients. Jai enfin trouvé mon bonheur avec les interfaces Moto CMS 3. Cest un outil puissant qui offre de multiples possibilités déditions et de personnalisation de votre site web. Linstallation se fait facilement et rapidement. Quelques heures de travail et vous obtenez un site web magnifique et totalement opérationnel !
Excellent - this word fully describe this product. I have purchased this template with eCommerce plugin (which support team installed for me) and for the website I have created I even get an award in my state! It was so easy to work with it and if some questions appeared, support team was always ready to help me!
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