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esta la utilice para la empresa donde laboro y justo se adapto
Отличный шаблон. Все детализировано и удобно. Цветовая схема меняется на раз.
интересные решения оформления страниц, наличие 3-4 видов стилистики оформления позволяют подобрать правильное отображение информации Заказчика. Спасибо
Thanks :)
Super Design und einfach zu bearbeiten. Klare Kaufempfehlung
Great layout! We easily made some edits, added unique elements for the client. The company deals with gas and oil, and the design theme is just right for such companies. A good set of icons and graphics, you can use all the pages and do not change the layouts for them. For the mobile version, I had to work a little more, since the mobile version of the layout is not entirely successful solutions for quick use. In general, the layout is 90% ready for use immediately, but minor changes and improvements will still be required.
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