Mayfest | Elegant Serif Font Family

Mayfest | Elegant Serif Font Family

Created: May 12, 2022

Updated: May 12, 2022

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Mayfest Is An Elegant Display serif Inspired By Luxury and Elegant Character.

Font Features :

- Mayfest Regular OTF ( Open Type )

- Mayfest Italic TTF ( True Type )

- Mayfest Bold TTF ( Open Type )

- Mayfest Bold Italic TTF ( True Type )

- Mayfest Regular/Italic WOFF ( Web Font )

- Mayfest Bold/Italic WOFF ( Web Font )

FAQ's :

Where are the TTF's? They are included in a download link( in a text file) in your main download file.

1 user 2 computers installation (Desktop License)

You may NOT use for broadcast or Cinema/Motion Picture.

You may NOT resell this font in any platform without further permission from designer.

Do NOT embed font files in app/game/e-pub (for desktop license)

You may NOT use the fonts in templates for sale/free. ( web/print/app )

For other license use please contact us.


Fonts and alternate : No special software required they may be used in any basic program /website apps that allows standard fonts That's it folks! You can go ahead and get cracking :)

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