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Journal des modifications

Limo v1.2 2021-02-18

  • There was added a Tag List widget that gives the opportunity to display a list of existing blog tags on any page of the website;
  • A new setting "Vertical Divider" was added to the Row widget. This setting allows you to visually separate the content in the columns of the row using the presets of the "Divider" widget or with the necessary user settings;
  • Tags and Categories for Blog are added to the admin panel. They will help you to sort out your content and so will make the search on your blog comfortable and efficient for users;
  • Tabs widget was added to allow users organize content effectively;
  • There was implemented a new Advanced Image widget that enables specifying description text for images, creating links inside of it and adjusting its location. Also, hovering over the widget, now you have the opportunity to change the image, add transparency and select animations for images changing, which will make your site more attractive to visitors;
  • Minor improvements were made to Recent Posts and Post List widgets. Now the admin panel always displays the current list of blog posts;
  • Added content blocks with the ready-made design;
  • Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • Bugs fixed.

Limo v1.1 2018-10-02

  • Added pop-up window functionality to allow users create and edit pop-ups;
  • New Tile Gallery allows creating custom masonry-type galleries. They are flexible and adapt to any screen resolution due to the responsive nature achieved by the changing number of columns and rows;
  • Google Map Pro - a new advanced Google Map widget was added to the admin panel. Using it, you can not only connect to Google Maps and display your office location on the website pages, but also choose different map themes, customize the controls display and add the necessary markers;
  • The Accordion widget was added. This functionality allows to improve design and display content in a new way;
  • Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • Bugs fixed.

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