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It is known that website creation requires a lot of means, skills and energy. And if you are unfamiliar with HTML and CSS or just wish to save your time, our website templates are the perfect solution for you. TemplateMonster has created this collection of free web templates for you and regardless whether you are a newbie or a professional webmaster or designer you will still find them useful. In this collection, you will find web designs for different platforms and types of businesses. Also, we strongly recommend you to take a look at Bootstrap Templates, if you're looking for an out-of-the-box solution. They will also help you to evaluate the quality of our products, get a feel for things and try your skills before purchasing. So don't hesitate to view and download these high-quality templates free of charge for your education and use, but please note there are conditions and limitations associated with using these free website templates.

For example you are not allowed to use these free sample templates with commercial purposes (including but not limited to selling them, using them as your online stores or including them into your portfolios). You also may not install them and use as your own websites and projects. All free samples are presented here with a trial purpose solely and are for your personal use only.
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    • Free Full Package template is a set of pre-designed web pages connected through content and related to the menu buttons
    • It includes such complementary features as matching, business cards, different pop-ups, a great number of various banners specially designed for your company
    • By downloading it you will obtain everything you need to get your project online
    • original template #17581

    NOTE: This template has such additional materials as business card, banners, popup page.
    • Free CSS web template is a pre-made high quality design based on the CSS technology that became very popular among web professionals
    • CSS templates are remarkable smaller than those based on the other technologies; thus they load much faster
    • These templates are much easier to customize and they are fully compatible with almost all the browsers
    • original template #17926
    • Free PowerPoint Templates are nice-looking designs for PowerPoint presentations
    • Free PowerPoint Templates have been created by professional web designers. Therefore, they look so professional and impressive
    • Free PowerPoint Templates are available only for educational purposes
    • original template #24224
    • Free Mobile templates are perfect design solution for the mobile phone users because we have created original combination of unique appearance and unbelievable functionality.
    • You will certainly be impressed with our Mobile Templates because these products’ popularity is growing exponentially - all thanks to their original appearance and light-weight. This means they can be faster and better displayed at mobile devices.
    • original template #24935
    • Free Virtuemart Template is a professionally made design theme for Virtuemart eCommerce engine (which is in turn a shopping cart module for Joomla). This Free Virtuemart template will give you the opportunity to gain some experience in editing and working with design product before actually purchasing it.
    • Note that it runs on PHP and MySQL, and is capable of supporting an unlimited number of products and categories, but is recommended for light to medium traffic sites.
    • See the Virtuemart Theme in action with the product Live Demo
    • VirtueMart Engine: 1.1.x
    • Free JavaSсript Animated Template is a pre-made design made in HTML with a variety of JavaScript-based elements that create rich user experience;
    • JavaScript animation allows you to get actually the same dynamic effects as Flash offers, still leaving the templates very light-weight;
    • With the help of any HTML editor you can easily customize the template and replace the sample content with your own to see how the theme will work with your particular content.
    • original template #32921
    • WordPress 3.x Themes are ready-made website designs that are built to fully utilize the extended capabilities of the WordPress blogging platform version 3.0 and upper.
    • Each WordPress 3.x compatible Theme is equipped with a set of additional useful features, such as deep content linking, improved menu management, plus you will also receive widgets and plugins that are perfect for your particular WordPress theme.
    • In these flexible themes you may edit virtually any part of your website, so with only small amount of customization and content changes you will get the result that best suits your requirements.
    • original template #34210
    • Drupal templates with extra features are all done with pure HTML5/CSS3 coding, and even include CSS3 animations.
    • Templates of this type are much easier to install due to the included 'easy install' feature - the installation process will only take several easy steps.
    • A lot of other features included, such as backup capability, social media capabilities, WYSIWYG editor, lightboxes etc.
    • Feel free to view the live demo of this sample to see it in action.
    • Drupal Engine: 7.x
    • original template #36611
    • Full JavaScript Animated Templates are pre-made website templates containing JavaScript-based elements that create Flash-like animation and add high-performance dynamics still leaving the templates very lightweight.
    • Additionally, this type of templates is a kind of a mixture of JavaScript and HTML, therefore you don't need any specific software to edit them – everything is done easily with any kind of HTML editor.
    • Please feel free to view live demo of Full JavaScript animated template sample.
    • original template #36771
    • Extended Package Templates are pre-made designs which you can use as a basis for fast website development. Every template from this category includes a whole set of advanced editing options in addition to what customers normally receive within the template download package.
    • You get all in a bundle, including scripts optimized for each particular template, bonus pages, different interactive elements, typography options, and many other great pieces of functionality.
    • What's really beneficial about extended package templates is that they are priced just about an average TemplateMonster template, so you don't have to pay more for the awesome features included in these templates.
    • Go ahead and view live demo of the extended package template sample to see it in action.
    • original template #36773
    • WordPress 3.1.x Themes are professional CMS products which are made to maintenance your website or blog through the WordPress platform.
    • WordPress 3.1.x Themes are compatible with WordPress 3.1+ version and can be easy download and modify for your website.
    • Try this sample's live demo and purchase your favorite WordPress 3.1.x template from us.
    • original template #36461
    • Free ZenCart 1.5 template is professional made design for Zen Cart e-commerce engine version 1.5.
    • ZenCart template is a subsidiary/affiliated product of osCommerce and is based on osCommerce structure, but more simplified and has extended functional.
    • In the purpose to check the working potential of Free ZenCart 1.5 template you can simply download Free ZenCart 1.5 sample template.
    • Also, feel free to see this template's live demo to see it in action.
    • original template #37598
    • Every single PRO Website Template goes with PRO framework – a simple HTML5 & CSS3 based platform that consolidates different functionalities and code scripts to enable rapid website development.
    • If you opt for a Pro Template Version, you get a PRO Pack that includes such great features as bonus pages, additional unique scripts, different website layout options, bunch of CSS3 effects, multifunctional plugins, pack of quality stock photos, interactive elements, easy-to-edit typography styles, and so much more.
    • Check out the PRO Website Template in a live demo and see in the navigation panel how you can easily tweak the design within the innovative PRO Framework.
    • original template #38620
    • Flash Animated Template is pre-made wed design product which is built on the Flash technology and is fully-customizable for your website needs.
    • Having a Flash animated website design is the best way to give the effective presentation of your business and introduce it from the advantageous side.
    • Please feel free to see the live demo of our Flash Animated Template in action.
    • original template #37831
    • Free JavaScript Animated Template is professionally made design theme which has animated header and JavaScript-based animated elements that create impressive dynamic effects.
    • All JavaScript Animated templates are made with JavaScript programming language and can be easy customized with any HTML editor.
    • Feel free to view the live demo of our free sample and download the product to test it in work.
    • original template #37337
    • Free Responsive Website template has 4 primary layouts and a bundle of additional ones.
    • Such adaptive website design gives your website visitors real freedom and convenience as they can view the website from any possible device
    • Helping you make the right choice, we suggest to try out the live demo and then download our Free Responsive Website template to get the feel for the thing.
    • original template #37862
    • Free Responsive WordPress 3.3.x Template is the specially-made design which combines the structure of CMS product and also has several layout options optimized for different screen resolutions.
    • All Responsive WordPress 3.3.x themes available on our website are compatible with the version 3.3.x of WordPress, having top-notch designs and great capabilities.
    • Feel free to check out the template’s live demo and make sure that our great collection of Responsive WordPress 3.3.x templates is worth your attention to find the most suitable design for your future fully-responsive website.
    • original template #39074
    • meet our free responsive Drupal template – a well-designed theme for Drupal CMS that has advanced features and new additional options.
    • each responsive Drupal template has several layout options to cater for the most common screen resolutions.
    • you are welcome to check out the live demo of this free responsive Drupal template and see it in all capacity.
    • Drupal Engine: 7.x
    • original template #39272
    • Even if you are a newbie in web design, this Free Easy WordPress Theme will completely change all your thoughts about complex and time-consuming editing process showing you how easy it can be to customize a template.
    • Working with this Free Easy WordPress Theme, you’ll notice its perfect structure and great capabilities that make it really outstanding first-class CMS product.
    • Don’t waste your time and check the live demo of this Free Easy WordPress Theme to catch the idea of all its great features.
    • WordPress Engine: 3.4.x
    • original template #39832
    • As always we keep on releasing new templates that are available absolutely free of charge, today we are ready to provide Joomla CMS template.
    • The great layout and structure compliments the beautiful and intricate design of the template, in conjunction with numerous features this template is a real treasure.
    • To watch live demo just hit the link
    • Joomla Engine: 2.5.6
    • original template #40143
    • Please welcome the new product - Bootstrap Templates, responsive website themes that come with Twitter Bootstrap as a framework.
    • Our Bootstrap templates include native Bootstrap functionality, but also go with unique add-ons from TemplateMonster including several pre-made pages, different portfolio layouts, slider solutions, sharing and media options, and nice CSS3 tricks.
    • Check out the live demo of this sample to get an idea of Bootstrap Themes. Browse through the panel in header to discover the set of features and add-ons that are presented in each theme.
    • Original template #41035
    • We are glad to offer you this free sample of Joomla 3.0 Template which will give you a perfect chance to practice your skills and learn more about the product before purchasing it. We do hope that easy customization combined with creative design solutions and premium quality of our products will be sufficient grounds for you to come back and buy one of them.
    • Creative design solutions, a wide range of categories, easy customization aimed for a quick and painless built of websites, rich choice of color schemes - these features of our Joomla 3.0 Templates will enable you to build a professional site in a short period of time.
    • Watch Joomla 3.0 Template in action with the product live demo.
    • Original template #41423.
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