Facebook. How to link PayPal to Facebook HTML Eshop Template

Ray Taylor February 21, 2012
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As you may have noticed some Facebook templates has the shopping cart functionality included. You have great opportunity to promote and sell your goods through Facebook.

This short tutorial will show you how to link the Facebook HTML template shopping cart to your PayPal account.

Open the facebook_site/js folder from the template package;

Open the “scripts.js” file with your HTML/XML editor (Adobe Dreamweaver, notepad etc);

Locate the line:

// simple cart scripts = "";
	simpleCart.checkoutTo = PayPal;
	simpleCart.currency = USD;
	simpleCart.cartHeaders = ["Thumb_image_noHeader", "name" , "remove_noHeader", "Total", "increment", "Quantity_input", "decrement"];	

Replace “”; address with your own email address and upload the modified file to the server.

That’s all. Now your shopping cart is linked to your PayPal account and you can process payments.

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