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How to create posts by email in WordPress

We are going to show you how to Add Posts by Email in WordPress. WordPress allows you to add and publish posts from your emails. This option allows you to publish posts even if you cannot access your site.

Generating a Post by Email Address

To be able to publish posts on your site you need to create an email address. This email has to be unique and hard to guess.

It is important that no-one knows this email. All messages received are published on your website.

The best choice for this email will be creating it within your hosting account. You can easily create emails on Bluehost, Inmotion hosting, Site Ground, etc. We recommend that you contact your hosting provider. They can help you with email account set-up.

You can use Gmail account for this purpose as well. But make sure that you have POP3 enabled on it. Open your account settings page. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP from the top menu bar. Enable POP for all mail.

Postie Email set-up

Unfortunately, the Post by Email option is not included in the latest WordPress. But you can easily add it using the additional extension. Once of such plugins is Postie plugin.

  1. The first thing that has to be done is plugin installation. Navigate to the Plugins > Add new section in your backend. Browse plugin file and activate it upon installation.

  2. The plugin is installed now you can see new Postie tab on your WordPress main bar. Click on it to manage your email settings.

  3. The Mailserver tab is the place where you need to enter your email account details:

    • Select connection first. Sockets is preferred but doesn’t work with some hosts. You can check it with your hosting provider.

    • Make sure you selected POP3 as Mail Protocol.

    • Port and Mail Server usually depend on your email server settings. You can take them from your email account settings. In case you use Gmail enter 995 to the Port field and use pop.gmail.com as your mail server.

    • Specify your email address in Mail Userid field and enter its password into the Mail Password section.

    • Click Save changes button to save Postie settings.

  4. Now you can test the result. To do that open Postie settings page. And click Process Email on the right side.

    The plugin tries to access your email account now. If some emails are found they will be immediately published on your site.

Postie advanced settings

Besides default plugin settings you can find a few custom options. On the settings page, you can see several tabs available. Let’s go through them to see all settings available:

  1. User tab allows you to grant access to other users to post if they have the proper access level. Administrators can always post.

    You can enumerate several email accounts under the Authorized Addresses. All those emails will be able to post content on your site. Put each email address on a single line. Posts from emails in this list will be treated as if they came from the admin. If you would prefer to have users post under their own name – create a WordPress user with the correct access level.

  2. You can easily change basic posts settings under the Message tab. You can enable plain text or HTML version of email here. Or change post category settings.

  3. Image tab has a lot of options to handle featured image in posts created from email. It allows you to add a gallery. There is no need to login into your site admin panel to do that. Just set Postie plugins and send an email with the gallery images.

  4. Switch to the Video and Audio tab to configure attached video and audio settings. You can choose video format and select the way video or audio is added to your site.

  5. Use Attachments tab to specify attachments settings.

That is it! You know how to manage to Add Posts by Email in WordPress now! Something new is coming soon. Meantime, you may check the best Email Marketing Tips and Tricks for Small Business Owners at the following link!

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