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How to install WordPress theme to GoDaddy server (manual installation)

This tutorial will show you how to upload the WordPress theme to GoDaddy server though the hosting control panel client.

1. Open GoDaddy hosting control panel and go to Content>FTP Client

The FTP Client allows you to upload the files from your local computer to the hosting server. In the left column you can see the files on your local computer.

The right column displays the files on your hosting server

2. Copy theme folder to wp-content/theme.

3. Copy all plugins to wp-content/plugins and uploads folder from sources to wp-content/uploads the same way , you copied theme.

4. When the upload is complete open the WordPress admin panel (your wordpress URL / wp-admin).

5. Go to Appearance>Themes.

6. Find the uploaded theme and press Activate.

Feel free to check the detailed video tutorial below:

How to install WordPress theme to GoDaddy server (manual installation)

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  • Shaikh

    I am trying to use the controls in cPanel but it does not have the tool “unlimited FTP” so it is more complicated also every thing you say above is a complete mystery to me. Please have an other go but in full this time
    Thank you

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  • Carl

    Great article and excellent instructions – this will save me a lot of time and frustrations on my next install – have bookmarked your page!

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