Step 1.  Install and work with Monstroid Wizard
  • Click it
    You will find a link to
    download Monstroid Wizard
    plugin on Delivery page.
  • Click it
    Open WordPress Dashboard.
    Go to menu > Plugins and
    click Add New button.
  • Click it
    Choose the plugin
    you have downloaded previously
    and install it.
  • Click it
    Monstroid Wizard
Step 2.  Chose and install Monstroid or any child theme
  • Click it
    Go to menu -> Tools
    and choose Monstroid
  • Copy it
    Open your template
    download page and copy
    the activation key.
  • Paste it
    the activation key
    into the field.
  • Click it
    Click Start button
    in order to start theme
    installation process.
  • Click it
    Select theme
    you would like
    to install.
Step 3.  How to install sample data
  • Click it
    Select location of sample
    data. In most cases it should
    be uploaded from cloud.
  • Click it
    When upload is done click
    Continue Install button
    to proceed.
  • Well done!
    Monstroid is installed
the end