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Template Package Content

Herein, you will see a whole lot of articles about the website template package contents. Please, use the navigation buttons below or use the main navigation menu to browse the area.

How many pages are provided with the template?

June 24, 2011  | Category:Template Package Content  | Author: Irene Williams

Basically you can view template preview, there you will be able to check how many pages are included, If you have some doubt you can contact us for clarification via live chat .…

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Where can I get additional fonts?

June 24, 2011  | Category:Template Package Content  | Author: Irene Williams
  • Please check following links:
  • www.1001freefonts.com
  • www.cool-fonts.com
  • www.pcfonts.com
  • www.fonts.com
  • www.macfonts.com
  • www.fontfreak.com
  • www.abstractfonts.com/fonts
  • www.myfonts.com
  • www.1001fonts.com
  • www.acidfonts.com
  • www.fontsforflash.com
  • www.highfonts.com
  • www.fontparadise.com
  • www.bitstream.com
  • www.grsites.com/fonts
  • www.freewarefonts.com
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What is approximate size of template files?

June 24, 2011  | Category:Template Package Content  | Author: Irene Williams

Basically package size depends on template type ,usually it is 30-90 Mb. The value is big, because of the sources files provided with the template. Usually a download accelerator or a download resuming program can solve the disconnection problem. We recommend you to use the FlashGet program for downloading.…

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Do you provide .fla file with the template?

June 24, 2011  | Category:Template Package Content  | Author: Irene Williams

Yes, you will get all sources files ,used for creating the template as well asl ” .FLA” . Our flash files are fully editable, so you will be able to modify everything (text, colours, images, sounds etc.) according to your needs.…

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Where to get the free stuff that is advertised?

June 24, 2011  | Category:Template Package Content  | Author: Irene Williams

After proceeding a purchase you will get a unique Order ID that is composed of 20 uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers (e.g. zADFj97kHGj8hD4r7G57). You will need to enter your Order ID into “Your Order ID to Access Premium Clipart Library” and then agree to our terms and conditions.

Please, use the following link: http://www.template-help.com/library…

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