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There are so many language schools promoting or making available their courses online. Picking the right one is not an easy task. If you want students to choose to attend your foreign language school out of all others, the first order of business is to build a suitable website.

The time has come, and so have our Language School Themes! Instead of building a website from scratch we offer you ready-made templates which are easily customizable to support every feature your perfect language school website should have.

Templates are made with cheerful design and colors to remind your students that learning a language should be fun and pleasant. Themes are fully responsive and made of carefully chosen blocks of images and text that point out all essential aspects regarding your school and its courses. They can be accessed from all mobile and desktop devices and shared via social media with dedicated share buttons.

The most important features, however, are the ones regarding competitive advantages of your educational programs. Our themes allow you to display all distinct features of your school, your innovative learning programs and introduce your teachers and professors. Show to the world why you are the leader when it comes to teaching languages!

You can also promote best deals, your most popular and most affordable language courses, intensive summer programs, heritage and conversational classes. Attract new students via newsletter subscription option, let them follow your every step!

Language School Website Templates are intuitive to install and use, and if you happen to have any additional questions, we offer our full 24/7 support.

Browse our Language School Website Templates, pick the one that is just right for you, and see for yourself how a professional and fun theme can turn your business around!

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