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Carsonetti v1.1 (01 July, 2019):

  • - PayPal payment and donate buttons were added;
  • - Tabs widget was added to allow users organize content effectively;
  • - The Accordion widget was added. This functionality allows to improve design and display content in a new way;
  • - Google Map Pro - a new advanced Google Map widget was added to the admin panel. Using it, you can not only connect to Google Maps and display your office location on the website pages, but also choose different map themes, customize the controls display and add the necessary markers;
  • - A new feature was added to the admin panel. It is an excellent alternative to LiveChat which allows clients to get in touch with you via the most popular messengers and also leave their details for further contact with managers;
  • - Added pop-up window functionality to allow users create and edit pop-ups;
  • - Updated to the newest MotoCMS 3 version;
  • - Bugs fixed.

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We were looking for a simple landing page this more than met the requirements. Great price as well. Based around an automotive repair shop the template need little to no modification other than removing stock photos for actual work. Easy to use Admin Panel once you get the hang of it. Had to do some googling to learn the CMS instead of trying to edit the SQL which almost got me in trouble. Just remember to use the right panel thats hidden if you want to edit a block or row. Still learning the total functionality but tons of information on Google and the MOTO CMS help pages.
Szablon jest: -nowoczesny -prosty -przejrzysty Zajmuję się reklamą i od czasu do czasu tworzę proste strony dla swoich klientów. Będzie to wizytówka. Ten szablon akurat będzie wykorzystany dla strony klienta. strona jest pod adresem: By przydało się wicej rabatów dla stałych klientów ;) Jak najbardziej polecam ten produkt, dla wszystkich odbiorców od amatorów po pro. Tak, kontaktowałem się. Ocena 5/5 :)
This template is really cool Im using it for a client website, the reason I chose it is because the admin panel makes it really easy for my client to update his website, I recommend it.
A landing page is a good solution to boost the conversion rate of the website you already have. I made a research to find a good landing for my company and came to the conclusion that the MotoCMS landing page builder is exactly what I needed. Why? Its not expensive, its user-friendly, its responsive.
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