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Красивый дизайн. Помог не мучится с дизайнером над заказом, просто дал заказчику выбор из существующих шаблонов. Шаблон сделан очень качество.
state of the art Template Monster did an amazing job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to any company who wish to develop a cutting-edge web site at a reasonable price. The template is just what we are looking for. The web site interface is so brilliant and its function is powerful. Their customer support team is also very dedicated and professional, they helped solve most technical issues we encounter in a timely manner. Thank you so much!
Привет. Недавно встала проблема и с дизайнером для заказчика и со вкусом заказчика..... и тут выручил templatemonster. Просто огромный выбор на любой вкус и для любой платформы. Заказчик просто, выбирая для себя, ткнул пальцем. Превосходный и умный шаблон для магазина. Всё легко настраивается и адаптируется. Также в комплекте отличная документация. Даже услуги поддержки не понадобились. Ставлю 5 templatemonster.
Great Job. The template is great for small to mid E-Com Shops and owners. There are some downsides and upsides. The Downsides are Billing interface, Parallax Design, Payment interface, Font. Sure these things can be fixed by some tweaks around the Website Codes and there comes the Upsides; Opencart (being able to tweak and alter almost anything is just great), Pre-Installed tweaks such as Color-Schemes, Language-Currency Supports and better than all 24/7 Support. Thanks for the good work and keep it up!
This is a very nice theme, the instalation was very easy and the theme easy to customise. you can see the instalation here: http://www.bijouterina.ro/ This is going to be the beste handmade jewlery from Romania!

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