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Frissítve: 2020. máj. 7.

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Its a great and complete template. Fits awsome on our project
This template has a very beautiful layout and also has six columns of products instead of the normal three or four columns which is the main reason I chose this template. One other thing worth mention is page loading speed of this template is very fast compare to other templates which make this template a must have. The product layout page, contact form layout and cart editing page are in perfect order and organized. All in all, this template has a beautiful layout, user-friendly for consumers and fast loading time. Highly recommended. Last of all I want to thank the developers and TemplateMonster Team for their amazing templates and services.
A nice and professional template with a clean design. It gives a awesome look to your store.
This template comes with great modules and features ready for use such as the mega menu which is one of my favorite! It is easy to work with and after minimal modifications such as changing the colors and contents the website was ready to be launched. The container was a little too wide for the project so I made it narrower. This template is fast to load as well which is a good thing.
Excellent product and great support!! It was very easy to obtain the purchased template and install to our web site. The features of the template were very straightforward and had very good instructional videos and documentation to support the installation and configuration. We love how the template loads and how it works without long delays in loading the pages. We would definitely recommend this and other templates offered from Template Monster.

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Értékelés: 89/100 Óta: 2018 Termék: 4 838 Eladások: 1 445 976


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