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This template is very easy to customize. I enjoyed working with it. If youre looking for a template to do an news website, this is the right template for you. The photo news is a very good feature, plus its easy to configure. It simply makes your work come out better, giving your work the much needed professional touch effortlessly. If you carefully follow the install and configuration instructions, you wont have any issue using the template to your taste.
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Do you have a Wordpress template for this kind of model? I need a template for a Channel TV, which also live stream from Youtube based on the program schedule. Thank you.
Hello Wido. Thank you for comment. Unfortunately we do not have the same design but in WordPress however we could convert into WordPress Premium for affordable price! You can also join our live chat at to get immediate assistance. Thank you and have a nice day!
What about different languages ?
Thank you for your comment. It is simple HTML , for any editing you will need to customize a template with additional software. In any case please visit our Pre-Sales chat or give us a call at 347 342 0463 and we will provide you with assistance.
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