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Software Version 1.1 (October 11, 2018) Additions

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Great design and I like how clean all the source files are in their organization. Easy to update and upload to my webhost.
The template is overall good, has various designs in the pages and looks great. There are three problems which I have encountered. 1.First, the style CSS is 35 thousand lines long. That makes it extremely hard to modify it and customize it according to my needs. 2.Second, the template is hard coded for certain text lengths. For example, if I change the SOFTAPP text in the main page to a longer text, the text no longer fits when the browsers size is not full screen on a desktop monitor. And there are other cases like this too. 3.Third, the template uses a font which it tries to load from an external page ( but the font does no longer exist there. So when the template is loaded in a browser offline it takes it 30 seconds to load (until the font loading times out). Once the reference to the external fonts style is removed from the top of the html, the page loads fine.
La plantilla en si es bastante flexible en cuanto a html y css. Quizas el unico cambio mayor que haria es en cuanto al formato de los javascripts, no los pondria comprimidos, dejaria esto para que lo implemente el comprador, dado que si estan comprimidos y obfuscados de ante mano se hace dificil hacer correcciones a los mismos de ser necesarias.
Super la template, je vais la mettre en place pour le site dun ami. Il ne manque rien, tout y es, les pages sont claires et bien écrite. Il manque peut etre juste des plages montrant les icones, différentes présentation, mais le principale est la.
I chose the template as one of the slickest and most appropriate for my site that I could find after considerable exploration on the web. The price was reasonable, and the installation easy. I have been working with it extensively for a few days now and have found it relatively easy to work with and customise. I have an intermediate knowledge of HTML and other web technologies so I am no expert. One heads up is that I came across this same template for sale on another dodgy website. It looks pirated. One advantage of Template Monster is that you know your template is legal, supported, and virus-free.

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