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##Update History


  • Update theme plugins file.


  • Update sample data and fixed some miscellaneous issue with theme package.


  • Fixed some miscellaneous issue with theme package.


  • Upgraded theme package for fixed outdated file issue and update plugins files.


  • Fixed some miscellaneous issue with theme package.


  • Upgraded theme package for fixed outdated file issue and update plugins files.


  • Fixed outdated file issue with theme package.
  • Update sample data files.

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Easy and good support team. So far I am satisfied, I will recommend it
Clean and professional theme, excellent for WooCommerce sites.
amazing template also support r very helpful and quick replay
I bought this product, because my customer likes the design. Many 3rd party plugins are needed to keep the theme running. On top of that the author wants users to buy another premium plugin to translate the theme.. WHAT IS NOT NECESSARY. a) Because there are free translation plugins and b) no plugin would be needed if the included pot file would be complete. Hint: The programm Poedit can scan WordPress themes and plugins and create the translation file automatically – the pro version even translates it automatically into your language. What is very annoying ist that there is no option to change the main color (many other themes offer this option). Also some elements are not aligned correctly. That are my first impressions. I did not need the author’s assistance so far. EDIT: Additionally to my first impression this template uses custom html in the WYSIWYG-Editor. If the user deletes to much, he breaks the design. In the Footer there is space for a newsletter. My customer does not have a newsletter, so I replaced it with a search widget. But this breaks the layout. Working with this theme is not fun. In my opinion it is not user-friendly and you should not buy it, if you dont have a professional who can support you.
This theme is great for any business that is looking to use their website to sell an extensive catalogue of products. On this occasion, this website template was very suitable for electronic products, and the categories menu makes it really quick, easy and intuitive to navigate. I highly recommend this template as a great way to showcase any large array of products, including where many product categories exist.

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mod_rewrite module for apache mod_rewrite module for apache
MySQL 5.5 or higher
50 MB of disk space
Memory limit per process: 64mb (128mb or more recommended)
Apache Szerver Apache Szerver
WooCommerce 3.x
WordPress 5.0-5.2.x WordPress 5.0-5.2.x