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Nvira – Kertészeti és tereprendezési szolgáltatások WordPress Elementor témával - Features Image 1

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Very good template, it can be easily manipulated to change color, and its own style, you can add some additional plugins to have a greater impact. In my experience it was very easy to use, with a little knowledge of WordPress or tutorials on the internet it can be customized without much problem. Change colors, you can guide yourself with the general colors of the page, and then enter the hexadecimal code for each button, word or section that you want to customize. To enter images you must use the tools that WordPress offers you, so that you can add images to the library, and later use them, what I see as a disadvantage is that the images that come in the template do not come inside a folder, so that in this way one can organize the new images, which would greatly help the organization of the site, to have all the images of the template in a single folder at the beginning. To duplicate pages, you must use an additional plugin that does not come with the templeate installation. Some plugins have to be updated over time, but it requires constant supervision, because they are no longer compatible with ELEMENTOR, and cause problems at the time of a future edition, this happened to me, with 2 templeate plugins, which had to be disabled in order to edit. As for the Adjustment with the different devices, computer, tablet and cell phone, it works properly, here the user must take into account the screen size, so some content that is not optimally displayed on screens can be disabled. phones, making an adjustment from Elementor. The number of pages that are preconfigured is more than enough to be able to have a base for the content that you want to introduce, and the modules that Elementor presents to you, you will be able to have a high-quality web page. It is not necessary to pay for the pro version of Elementor, with the modules that come in the template pages, you can play with them to adapt them to your design needs. The Contact page has everything you need to be able to set up a message that can reach the webmaster managing the site. The installation was very simple, following the steps of a tutorial on the internet, wordpress was achieved very easily, later, it was only a matter of importing the template and selecting the view of the page

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