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Awesome theme. Fully customizable and responsive. Great design. Im very happy wit this theme.
Good day support, I picked up this template by client purpose to create association automoto racing shows in our country. I also checked up other templates as 46727 & 41821. 41821 was very expressive and nice for me especially the top of the page, but in the below there were too much black color if you want to put more description to content., then I changed my mind and purchased 45685. but Im not sure to buy in future regarding template 41821. Second important factor to choose this template - clearly font prints and backgrounds color. Third: It will be more compatible in future if my client wants to put there shop basket and other modules. In my past I had more practice with www, when there were not created templates at all. Right now, Im freelancer and in these days Im having more practices in sys administration - managing computers. But in some cases clients find me and ask for help with www. Wordpress is getting more popular in our country so Im new starter in WP. But Im experiencing some troubles with installing my theme, there are problems after importing sql. There are impossible to login. I already reset my password in phpmyadmin Ive also used knowledge base with emergency script but no luck.. In forums WP members say there are problems with plugins or themes, but Im not sure maybe there some bugs with WP. Im not resolved yet, but I think I will.. :) Yea support are great and efficient, I encountered with support only during buying process. Best Regards, Marius
Thank you very much for your feedback! Feel free to visit our live chat - Our specialists will be more than glad to assist you with installation.
Di facile utilizzo e con parecchio maeriale da poter usare. Consigliatissimo.
very nice and Well working theme
We are very satisfied with the theme.
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hi, word-spacing: -10px; on the startpage excerpt makes that text looks strange. When I change it to 0 it breakes page design. What to do?
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