Shine Your Boots! Bootstrap Hornbook

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How to Use

To use Bootstrap in an HTML page, developer must compile one
CSS file from the downloaded LESS stylesheets. This can be
done with a special compiler. Then they need to integrate the
generated CSS file into the HTML file. If JavaScript components
are selected, they must be referenced along with the jQuery
library in the HTML document.

JS Plugins

The JavaScript components of
Bootstrap are based on the jQuery
JavaScript framework.

Twitter story is over

"Bootstrap will remain Twitter's project
on GitHub for the time being, but
we've realized the project has grown
beyond us and the Twitter brand. It's a
huge project playing a pretty awesome
role in the web development industry,
and we're excited to see it continue to
grow. To that end, we've begun working
to move Bootstrap into its own open
source organization. It will take time,
but we're dedicated to making it

Farewell 940 Grid

Versions up to 2.2.2 came powered with 940px fluid grid...

Bootstrap comes standard with a 940px
grid layout. Alternatively, the developer
can use a variable-width layout. For
both cases, the toolkit has four
variations of resolutions and unlimited
number of devices: mobile phones,
portrait and landscape format, Tablets
and PCs with a low and high resolution
(widescreen). This adjusts the width of
the columns automatically.


Free Bootstrap Template

Free Bootstrap Template
CSS stylesheet

Bootstrap offers a set of stylesheets that provide basic style definitions...

Bootstrap stylesheet provides easy-to-
implement basic style definitions for
all key HTML components, including
expertly crafted styles for typography,
navigation, tables, forms, buttons, and

Fonts, Icons, Buttons

In addition to the regular HTML elements, Bootstrap contains...

In addition to the regular HTML
elements, Bootstrap contains other
commonly used interface elements.
These include: buttons with advanced
features (grouping of buttons or
buttons with drop-down option,
navigation lists, horizontal and vertical
tabs, breadcrumb navigation,
pagination), labels, advanced
typographic capabilities, thumbnails,
formatting for warning messages and
progress bars.

Android & iOS
Video Tutorials

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What's behind!

Lots of people have already succeeded at building
Bootstrap based websites and apps. So there is no need
to tell over and over again how cool this thing is. All
that is left is to enjoy the yields of this awesome
framework. In this Infographics we've gathered tool
chest for every Bootstrap developer: styles generators,
theme generators, free PSDs/fonts/buttons/icons,
numerous tutorials (including video lessons), plugins,
code snippets, shortcodes and whatnot.
Have a cool Bootstrapping.

Published on February 5, 2013 by Alex Bulat

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