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This is a Bootstrap 4 template with a moderate number of JS libraries bundled. The authors done a nice job on the design and it was pretty easy to adapt the template to the layout and content I needed. As a static template, I had to do some work to adapt the CSS to SCSS, and as usual with templates theres a lot of unnecessary cruft that needs removing once youve finalised your own version. One thing to be aware of (and this is a note for the author as well as purchasers) is that there are a number of classes defined that are effectively duplicates of Bootstrap classes, and so I found I had to remove and rename these to get consistent styling (things like `darktext` when theres already a BS `text-dark` class, and so on). I never needed to contact the author so cant give a sensible score there - although thats a positive, because not needing to contact the author is a Good Thing! Overall, this is a good basic template thats easy to use and produces good results. Excellent value for money.

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