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I buy this template because like so much. My client Dr Pets really like the template and are very happy with your website. This template is responsive, bootstrap and very easy to make changes in the original design and adjust to the corportate image of my client, All the css styles are easy to make changes in colors, fonts and another web elements. The menus and the modules are in front of you to adjust and make changes in this template. I have 14 years making wensites and recomend this template and template monster to make your website. This is the url final website:http://www.drpetscr.com/index.php
I am very pleased with how templatemonster provide me their service. It is undeniable that now a days we experience horrible services. I had experience before (NOT with Templatemonster) that after they rip off my money they gone away like a bubble. BUT with template monster, they are always their for you and the BEST, they provide accurate answer. They help me achieved the looks and feel of the website I created. See this http://btlnpdenr.com for me, this looks like a professional website, but to tell you I am the one who setup this with the help of templatemonster support. Order is secure? I would see they are the best, imagine, before you complete the order they will give you a call to confirm that you really the one who place the order. I guarantee that you will get the best of the best with templatemonstet.
Thank you very much for your feedback! We're glad you're satisfied with the purchased template and our customer service.
This template was exactly what I needed for the pet sitting business. Home page slider allowed me to showcase the services in a clean and concise way.
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