If business consulting is your strong point and you wish to turn it into business, this web template is perfect for you. It will present your services the most efficient way. Our template has clear calltoactions and hierarchy that leads user's eyes through the page. Slider is of bright contrast color, so it draws visitor's atention. The text in the content area is well styled and looks understandable and trustworthy. Round images and icons are very stylish and trendy. The footer and the header are separated from the content area with thick grey lines. They also contribute into the accurate website's layout. Want more people know about you? Use our theme for the quicker start.

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This Joomla template is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

That's a function that can help to meet each and every individual and search engine requirements and accomplish rating positions in the search.

Why is it Good?

SEO allows to reach the top of search results and fit the ranking factors necessary for the most popular search engines. Because of thas your website is visible on the web.

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This Joomla design theme is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means that the website page changes its size and shape to match any type of display screen, from the tiniest phones to the largest Personal computer displays. For each and every gadget, web page elements grow or decrease to seem ideal.

Why is it Good?

Regardless of what kind of device your end users might use to enter the website page - they may see a vivid graphic with a convenient navigation menu. It becomes an especially imperative feature, considering that many visitors currently choose their smartphones for web browsing.

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This is aBootstrap Joomla design template

What is it?

Bootstrap is a collection of tools with an open source code. It is great for building websites and web apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Why is it Good?

Due to the use of Bootstrap a website can adjust its content to any display resolution. It's necessary for both Search engine optimisation and website visitors.

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September 02, 2016- We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

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Up to date on Joomla engine. Couldnt get the installer to work, but manual install was fine. Cross compatible devices is great.

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