If you want to show that your business company is the one a customer needs, you'd better care of its design. Our template will save you of many headaches. Each detail of its design is thought out by professionals. This layout, created in modern, trendy style will perfectly convey your company ideas. The sketchy icons, text and banners of turquoise color stand out againt the white background, yet look soft and nice. Main menu is placed over the large image, which adds originality to the design. Hover effects and slider in the content area help to keep the design clean. We are sure that smart businessmen will highly appreciate our work, done for them.

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This Joomla design is Search Engine Friendly

What is it?

Search Engine Friendly templates were created to attract customers and web engine crawlers to your website.

Why is it Good?

You don't have to be a professional at SEO to get high positions in Google. WordPress SEO plugins help to write SEO-ready title tags and meta descriptions, as well as analyze on-page content, let you create XML-sitemaps, and many more.

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This Joomla design theme is Responsive

What is it?

This is an ability of the website to immediately adapt to any display size and resolution.

Why is it Good?

No matter what sort of device your clientele can work with to enter the webpage - they may discover a stunning graphic that has a easy navigation menu. It is an especially critical function, considering that most end users these days prefer their mobile phone devices for internet surfing.

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This is aBootstrap Joomla design

What is it?

Bootstrap is a free front-end framework that gives for faster and also simple and easy website design training.

Why is it Good?

Implementing this type of framework tremendously enhances the entire process of producing web pages. Standard patterns are super easy to transform, that provides a versatile and simple method for constructing web page designs.

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September 02, 2016- We updated the engine version to Joomla 3.4.8;

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I needed to rebuild my old stolen motorcycle database website which was an old Joomla 2.5 version using a crappy DB app so after some searching through Template Monster I found this. Classy and ultra trendy and responsive as well. I integrated a classified ads add-on and did a few customisations and ended up with www.stolenmotorcycleregister.com. I love it! Glenn
Great template with useful images, very well made responsive, simply installation with unzip file.

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